Coronavirus: 'Little Peanut' robot delivers food to people in quarantine in China
'Enjoy your meal. If you need anything else, please message the staff'
independent | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Coronavirus outbreak: Starbucks closes half of all stores in China due to deadly virus
2000 stores have shut due to the outbreak of the coronavirus
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
After Brexit, Britain’s hard line on immigration won’t hold | Jonathan Portes
New proposals won’t mean restricting numbers – just a new form of openness , says public policy professor Jonathan Portes
theguardian | Politics | 1 hrs ago
DWP loses court fight over treatment of severely disabled
UK government discriminated against people left worse off by universal credit, say judges
theguardian | Politics | 1 hrs ago
Catalan president to call early election as divisions grow
Quim Torra address lays bare splits over best way to achieve independence from Spain
theguardian | World | 1 hrs ago
US adults get 1 of every 5 calories from a restaurant but dining out is a recipe for unhealthy eating, new study shows. The dietary quality was poor in 70% of the meals at fast-food restaurants and 50% of the meals at full-service restaurants, while none of the restaurant meals were of ideal quality
Study finds most restaurant meals eaten by Americans are of poor nutritional quality; minimal changes over 14 years.
reddit | Science | 1 hrs ago
Education: Extra £400m needed to boost system - Peter Weir
Education Minister Peter Weir says a case has been put forward to settle teachers' pay dispute.
bbc | Politics | 1 hrs ago
Woman sentenced to 90 days in jail in 25-day chunks to preserve Social Security
Cindy Jane Nigh was accused of stealing thousands from Public Defenders Office by claiming money was to cover expenses for witnesses.
reddit | World | 1 hrs ago
Study reveals new way to treat stroke using an already approved drug (GCSF), which is currently used to treat neutropenia caused by chemotherapy. Researchers have been developing GCSF as a therapeutic method to replenish new brain cells because of its ability to elicit neurogenesis.
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF) is currently used to treat neutropenia due to chemotherapy and has been successfully used for patients who require bone marrow transplants. The study is the first to report on the neuroprotective effect of ...
reddit | Science | 1 hrs ago
Brits arriving home on evacuation flight from coronavirus-hit Wuhan to be quarantined for 14 days - Sunday Post
Brits returning from the area of China hit by coronavirus are set to be quarantined for 14 days upon their return.
reddit | World | 1 hrs ago
People who imagine killing 1 person to save 5 later feel distressed about the choice, but not inclined to change it. Those who wouldn't kill 1 to save 5 feel less distress, but are somewhat more likely to question their choice.
Subscription and open access journals from SAGE Publishing, the world's leading independent academic publisher.
reddit | Science | 1 hrs ago
The Britons getting out before Brexit ‘drawbridge’ goes up
UK nationals rush to settle in Spain before they lose their rights as EU citizens on 31 December
theguardian | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
UK urged to reconsider allowing Huawei to help build 5G network by US
Boris Johnson says decision will not imperil relationship with Trump administration
independent | UK | 1 hrs ago
Boeing reports first annual loss in over two decades as 737 MAX crisis drags on
Rising costs from the grounding of its once-bestselling 737 MAX jets have left US aerospace giant Boeing with its first annual loss in net revenue since 1997.
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
'Riot-instigating bigot': Comedian put on no-fly list for heckling right-wing journalist on plane
Kunal Kamra defends confronting Republic TV's infamous anchor Arnab Goswami: 'I don't think fascists... are people you just exchange pleasantries with. I don't think we are that country'
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
Outrage as Polanski film nominated for 12 'French Oscars'
Campaigners say Césars are acclaiming ‘an abuser and rapist on the run’
theguardian | Top Stories | 2 hrs ago
London's 100 club: Historic music venue given special status
The venue, which has hosted The Rolling Stones and Oasis, will benefit from business rates relief.
bbc | Entertainment | 2 hrs ago
Puberty blockers linked to lower suicide risk for transgender people. The finding suggests that a major — and politically controversial — aspect of trans health care for minors could help reduce the community’s disproportionate suicide risk.
The finding suggests that a major — and politically controversial — aspect of trans health care for minors could help reduce the community’s disproportionate suicide risk.
reddit | Science | 2 hrs ago
Ring app for Android found to be ‘packed’ with third-party data trackers
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has found that the Ring app for Android sends out users’ personally identifiable information to analytics and marketing companies.
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
The Rise of Smart Camera Networks, and Why We Should Ban Them
Police are using cameras at private businesses and homes, along with AI, to expand their video surveillance — raising privacy concerns.
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
Brexit: French petition launched for Briton denied citizenship
Carpenter Mark Lawrence has lived in France for 27 years but authorities say he does not earn enough.
reddit | UK | 2 hrs ago
Tens of thousands flee as Assad retakes town that became a symbol of the Syrian revolution
Ma'arat al-Numan opposed both the government and jihadists, writes Richard Hall
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Samsung's new folding flip phone revealed in huge leak
Galaxy Z Flip phone release date expected within weeks
independent | Technology | 2 hrs ago
South Dakota is passing a bill not allowing local cities to ban straws or plastic bags.
A bill to prevent South Dakota cities from banning plastic bags and straws is advancing at the state Legislature.
reddit | World | 2 hrs ago
BBC News to axe 450 jobs as part of cost cutting effort
The BBC is to cut hundreds of jobs as part of an effort to reduce costs, the broadcaster has announced.
telegraph | Top Stories | 2 hrs ago
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