Investigators want motorists' videos of UPS truck shooting
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is asking anyone who witnessed or has video of the shootout between police and hijackers of a UPS truck to contact investigators
reddit | World | 41 mins ago
Brexit: Another document leak warns on NI-GB checks
The UK could face "high levels" of checks, according to the paper from the Department for Exiting the EU.
reddit | Politics | 47 mins ago
Ballycastle: Woman dies after swimming incident at NI beach
Another woman is in a stable condition after swimmers got into difficulty at Ballycastle.
bbc | UK | 50 mins ago
New York's high-rise jails: what could go wrong?
Plans to build four tall tower jails in New York City have generated backlash – but have also prompted a debate over what modern prisons should look like
theguardian | Top Stories | 53 mins ago
North Korea insults Trump as 'heedless and erratic old man' as tension rises
Pyongyang responds to tweets on denuclearization and says ‘the time when we cannot but call him a ‘dotard’ again may come’
theguardian | World | 56 mins ago
General election 2019: Jo Swinson defends stance on transgender rights
The Lib Dem leader says allowing gender self-identification will address widespread "demonisation".
bbc | Politics | 56 mins ago
China claims detained Uighurs have been freed
Xinjiang governor offers no evidence of release but says ‘trainees’ have found stable jobs
reddit | World | 59 mins ago
Friday the 13th 2019: How cyclones, asteroids and a Buckingham Palace bombing have fed the superstition
Friday the 13th, the supposedly unluckiest day of the year, is slowly creeping up on us, with many Britons fearing what the day entails.
telegraph | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
Dalian Atkinson death: police officers to stand trial next September
Benjamin Monk is accused of murder and Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith denies assault
theguardian | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
Gary Lineker accuses Boris Johnson of 'nauseating xenophobia'
Former England and Leicester player criticises Prime Minister over stance on immigration
independent | UK | 1 hrs ago
America's deceit over Afghanistan quagmire disclosed in blunt confidential interviews
Senior US officials routinely misled the public about success in Afghanistan, fiddling statistics and metrics to spin a conflict they knew was going badly, according to a trove of confidential assessments.
telegraph | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
What makes a modern leader: the secret to understated confidence
Rather than viewing leadership as a single trait, it’s probably best to think of it as a collection of qualities of varying importance
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
The great American tax haven: why the super-rich love South Dakota – podcast
It’s known for being the home of Mount Rushmore – and not much else. But thanks to its relish for deregulation, the state is fast becoming the most profitable place for the mega-wealthy to park their billions
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
Subprime lender Amigo faces fresh turmoil as bosses quit
Shake-up comes as founder uses controlling stake to push his way back on to board
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
Citizenship Amendment Bill: India's new 'anti-Muslim' law causes uproar
Critics say the Citizenship Amendment Bill is part of the government's agenda to marginalise Muslims.
bbc | World | 1 hrs ago
Labour would end austerity in February, says John McDonnell
Shadow chancellor outlines budget priorities and says Boris Johnson cannot be trusted
reddit | UK | 1 hrs ago
Boris Johnson scrambled to Tory marginals after poll suggests Iain Duncan Smith at risk of losing seat
Prime minister's tour schedule suggests concern over Tory prospects in previously true-blue seats
independent | UK | 1 hrs ago
European Space Agency to launch space debris collector in 2025
Robotic junk collector will be first mission to remove item of debris from orbit
theguardian | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
Extinction Rebellion shuts down key roads in Manchester and London to protest air pollution
Action dubbed ‘Air we grieve’ to highlight deaths caused by poor air quality
independent | UK | 1 hrs ago
The history of Hanukkah: How the 'miracle of the oil' sparked the Jewish Festival of Lights
Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish festival also known as the Festival of Lights, see Jews around the world light one candle on a nine-branched menorah - or 'hanukiah candelabrum' - each day.
telegraph | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
Prediction in Autism by Deep Learning Short-Time Spontaneous Hemodynamic Fluctuations. This study aims to explore the possibility of using a multilayer artificial neural network for the classification between children with autism spectrum disorder and typically developing children...
This study aims to explore the possibility of using a multilayer artificial neural network for the classification between children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and typically developing (TD) children based on short-time spontaneous hemodynamic ...
reddit | Science | 1 hrs ago
Photoswitchable single-walled carbon nanotubes for super-resolution microscopy in the near-infrared.
The design of single-molecule photoswitchable emitters was the first milestone toward the advent of single-molecule localization microscopy, setting a new paradigm in the field of optical imaging. Several photoswitchable emitters have been developed, ...
reddit | Science | 1 hrs ago
Bioshock: 2K games finally announces it is working on a new sequel in beloved series
It is the first official news on the series in years
independent | Technology | 1 hrs ago
General election 2019: Lib Dems 'still want People's Vote'
Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson answers caller's questions ahead of the general election.
bbc | Politics | 1 hrs ago
Elon Musk crashes Tesla Cybertruck into bollard after night out
It's the second embarrassing incident involving the brand new electric truck since launching last month
independent | Technology | 1 hrs ago
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