Woke up at 8:44 to have a jolly good jousting
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sewer black magic :)
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Karma is worthless but this sight was valuable to my soul, wanted to share the wealth maybe you do too. Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii, USA. [OC][1080x1350] @natureprofessor
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Serial rapist charged with posing as a Northern California ride-hailing driver to prey on his victims was living in the country illegally
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Twitter suspended at least 58 million user accounts in the final three months of 2017, according to data obtained by The Associated Press.
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Guy signs "walkies" to his deaf dog
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TIL that the Colt 1911 pistol was purposely designed to be fully disassembled with its own internal parts and no other tools are necessary.
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Nest CEO steps down after employees pushed for his exit
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This picture disappears if you stare for a moment
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LPT: It takes most people a long time to be honest when you do something that annoys them. Don’t brush it off. By the time they tell you, it’s become a big deal to them.
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Google bus runs over elderly woman, Google denies responsibility: lawyer
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There was no collusion at all
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Lily Collins
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The weather in england is so terrible, the beatles made a song about the sun coming out like it was a miracle.
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Let’s name it free throw.
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Free my boy Freddie!
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TIL the first Troll doll was created by a danish fisherman who could not afford giving his daughter a christmas gift. When the other children saw it they all wanted one as well.
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Head lice infestation
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'Possible serial killer' nabbed in Texas slayings charged with capital murder; police vow to 'up our game' with parolees
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TIL that during filming of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Gene Wilder liked to keep the kids on their toes. None of the kids had seen the chocolate room prior to filming the scene or his rant in the famous boat scene. Most looks of shock were genuine and they thought Gene had lost it.
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Cambridge Analytica's Facebook data was accessed from Russia, MP says
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Google builds its own subsea cable from the U.S. to France.
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This Korean streamer surprises his new English speaking viewers with some John Denver.
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