St. Paul mayor says earlier comments about arrested protesters being out of state were not correct
Earlier Friday, Minnesota officials said they believed people causing during protests over the death of George Floyd had come from outside the area.
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Coronavirus latest: at a glance
A summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak
theguardian | Top Stories | 12 mins ago
Covid causes child detention crisis, and a ‘timebomb’ in adult prisons
Some children allowed out of cells for just 40 minutes a day, with visits and education drastically curtailed
theguardian | Top Stories | 29 mins ago
Ex-NFL executive: Teams saw Colin Kaepernick as 'bad for business'
Former NFL executive Joe Lockhart addressed how the NFL and team owners handled Colin Kaepernick kneeling to protest police brutality.
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'Nobody can give you freedom. You have to take it': Police use tear gas to force peaceful protesters from streets of Minneapolis
Tactics decisively tougher after days of burning and damage
independent | World | 35 mins ago
The Hawaii navy base fueling Trump's quest for 'super duper' missiles
Kauai has one of the Pentagon’s most valued testing sites. It’s an economic driver, but some residents say the military shouldn’t be on the islands at all
theguardian | World | 42 mins ago
Global report: coronavirus cases pass 6 million as Donald Trump postpones G7
Trump hopes to expand G7 in delayed summit; Brazil’s death toll passes France; Mexican health care workers to march
theguardian | Top Stories | 42 mins ago
'Die in the streets like cockroaches': The truth behind Rio's record year of police killings
Brazil’s capital is a hotbed for violence and crime – on both sides of the law. Manuela Andreoni and Ernesto Londoño investigate why so many people are dying at the hands of officers
independent | World | 46 mins ago
All this time at home has shown me how few friends I really have | Mariella Frostrup
Being trapped at home brutally exposes so many of the shortcomings of our lives and relationships, says Mariella Frostrup. But it’s also a great chance to change the things that are making us unhappy
theguardian | Health | 53 mins ago
The Observer view on the premature relaxation of the lockdown
Boris Johnson’s lack of transparency suggests he is more concerned with a political crisis than a health one
theguardian | Politics | 53 mins ago
Daily Megathread - 31/05/2020
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'I'm proof that the virus can make young people very ill'
Dr John Wright tells the story of Marium Zameer, who became very unwell with Covid-19 despite being young and healthy.
reddit | Science | 57 mins ago
About 7% have had coronavirus, says ONS survey
The estimate is based on blood tests on 885 people in England as part of a household survey by the ONS.
reddit | UK | 1 hrs ago
The Air Force weather team that keeps canceling your rocket launches
How to make sure the weather doesn’t damage your rocket launch.
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The United States will cut ties with the World Health Organization, says President Trump
The public health fallout could be significant
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Google postpones Android 11 unveiling amid U.S. protests
Alphabet Inc's Google on Saturday said it has postponed next week's planned unveiling of the beta version of its latest Android 11 mobile operating system in light of protests and unrest in the United States.
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
'They're gonna arrest us all': 'Insecure' star Kendrick Sampson protests on behalf of George Floyd
The 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Insecure' star took to Instagram on Saturday to show video from marches in the Los Angeles area.
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The five: robots helping to tackle coronavirus
Automatons have been chipping in with the effort to beat Covid, from disinfecting hospitals to delivering groceries
theguardian | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Coronavirus in South Africa: Eight lessons for the rest of the continent
What South Africa can teach other African countries gearing up for a spike in infections.
bbc | World | 1 hrs ago
Brothers' Home: South Korea's 1980's 'concentration camp'
In the 1980s, innocent children and adults were taken off South Korea's streets - and locked away.
bbc | World | 1 hrs ago
My Money: 'Our alternative quarantine holiday'
Alyssa Hulme from Utah in the US takes us through her weekly spending during the coronavirus pandemic.
bbc | World | 1 hrs ago
In the middle of the Pacific with nowhere to land
A group of performers were halfway across the ocean in a 75ft boat when the pandemic erupted - leaving them with nowhere to go.
bbc | World | 1 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Drop plan to reopen primaries to all pupils, ministers urged
Aiming to have all pupils back piles uncertainty and pressure on school communities, say governors.
bbc | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
George Floyd death: US cities order curfews amid widespread clashes
Police struggle to stem the violence as protesters take to the streets over the death of George Floyd.
bbc | World | 2 hrs ago
Supernatural: The next-generation keep-fit coach?
Will virtual reality fitness classes lead a revolution in home workouts - or is it a passing craze?
bbc | Technology | 2 hrs ago