Melting Ice Reveals Mummified Penguins in Antarctica
Birds that appeared “freshly dead” near an Italian research base turned out to be centuries old.
reddit | Science | 7 mins ago
US soccer team San Diego Loyal walks off pitch after alleged homophobic abuse of gay player
US soccer team San Diego Loyal walked off the pitch during its match against Phoenix Rising on Wednesday in reaction to an alleged homophobic slur towards one of its players.
reddit | World | 7 mins ago
7 fascinating things that will happen after Kate Middleton becomes queen
One of them is completely bizarre
mylondon | UK | 7 mins ago
UK tested Channel ‘blockade’ to deter migrants, leak reveals
Exclusive: official document shows tactic based on Australian ‘turn back the boats’ policy has been trialled
theguardian | Top Stories | 8 mins ago
EU official denies FT Tweets on Brexit trade talks breakthrough
No "landing zones" are in sight in EU-UK trade talks, an official with the bloc said on Thursday after sterling gained on Tweets by a Financial Times reporter quoting officials in London noting progress on the state aid provisions to ensure ...
reddit | Politics | 8 mins ago
Cambridge University to cut fossil fuel investments by 2030
The university says it is responding to the "urgent existential threat" of climate change.
bbc | Education | 17 mins ago
There was a 100% mortality rate following CPR for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who developed in-hospital cardiac arrest, finds a new study with 54 patients with COVID-19.
This case series examines outcomes of in-hospital cardiac arrest among patients with COVID-19.
reddit | Science | 20 mins ago
British plans to 'offshore' asylum seekers have a long and grubby history | Robert Verkaik
Emulating the controversial Australian policy would treat refugees as criminals with no right to a fair hearing in the UK, says author Robert Verkaik
theguardian | Politics | 22 mins ago
'On a knife-edge': NHS frontline prepares for a Covid second wave
The view from a hospital trust, where there is a determination to do things differently this time
theguardian | Top Stories | 23 mins ago
Lebanon and Israel to hold 'historic' maritime border talks
The US says it brokered the "historic agreement" between the two nations, which are formally at war.
bbc | World | 23 mins ago
Coronavirus: Tougher rules for Liverpool, Warrington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough - but one mayor vows to defy them
The clampdown on social mixing is coming from Saturday, with more than 16 million people now living under harsher restrictions.
reddit | UK | 23 mins ago
Sir Keir Starmer condemns 'inhuman' asylum ferries idea
Ministers are considering converting disused ferries to process people seeking asylum in the UK.
bbc | Politics | 27 mins ago
Canada has sent election observers to fragile democracies. Donald Trump’s America should be on that list
Canada has no plans right now to send an official team of observers to the U.S. election, government sources have confirmed. But with Donald Trump’s i...
reddit | Science | 34 mins ago
US Senate subpoenas heads of Google, Facebook and Twitter
Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey will be quizzed by senators.
bbc | Technology | 35 mins ago
What wobbling rocks tell us about nuclear safety
How precariously balanced rocks will inform the earthquake hazards faced by critical infrastructure.
bbc | World | 35 mins ago
Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections Focuses on Cultivating Distrust to Reduce Political Consensus
Foreign interference in U.S. elections likely focuses, in part, on creating distrust among Americans, with paralyzing the American political process as its main goal.
reddit | Technology | 36 mins ago
Ex-headteacher jailed for murder of estranged wife and lover
Rhys Hancock sentenced to minimum of 31 years for New Year’s Day killings in Derbyshire
theguardian | UK | 37 mins ago
Millions of British railcard holders denied Covid refunds
Government rules out giving money back or extensions despite travel restrictions
theguardian | Top Stories | 37 mins ago
Google launches AI secretary that waits on hold for phone users
Hold for Me notifies users when call is picked up, leaving them free to put phone down
theguardian | Top Stories | 37 mins ago
Scorsese, Eastwood, Broccoli say US cinemas may not survive pandemic. Industry figures have signed a letter saying ‘we fear for the future’ of cinemas, 69% of which could go out of business
The directors have sent a letter to the government, saying ‘we fear for the future’ of cinemas, 69% of which could go out of business
reddit | Entertainment | 38 mins ago
Twitter down: App and website not working as users unable to load tweets
independent | Technology | 38 mins ago
Six in 10 parents would rather children have social skills over academic qualifications, poll finds
Ninety per cent found to consider empathy key social attribute that their offspring should develop
independent | UK | 38 mins ago
Coronavirus: Middlesbrough mayor vows his town will ‘defy’ local lockdown order, in show of defiance against Boris Johnson
‘This measure has been introduced based on factual inaccuracies and a monstrous and frightening lack of communication, and ignorance’
independent | UK | 38 mins ago
Londoners have lowest 'money wellness' in UK, new poll finds
Twenty-seven per cent have been inspired by the pandemic to improve their financial knowledge
independent | UK | 38 mins ago
Halfords bumps up cycle supplies as 'unprecedented demand' lifts profit
The cycling to car parts retailer has benefited from staycation trends as well as motorists shunning public transport.
reddit | UK | 42 mins ago