The lockdown generation: 16 young people on spending a year at home
Missing friends, learning new skills, playing online in lessons. On the eve of returning to school, we talk to children and teens and ask how they’ve fared during the pandemic
theguardian | Education | 3 mins ago
'I tried IKEA's Swedish meatballs for the first time and I was blown away'
I finally get why they're all the rage
mylondon | UK | 5 mins ago
£2.95m Croydon home where Henry VIII supposedly met Anne Boleyn in secret
This medieval mansion in Costa del Croydon has a wealth of juicy history
mylondon | UK | 5 mins ago
Scots don’t trust Nicola Sturgeon over Alex Salmond claims, poll suggests
Only one in three Scottish voters believes Nicola Sturgeon has been entirely honest about the Alex Salmond affair, according to a damaging new poll.A Panelbase survey for The Sunday Times, the first
reddit | Politics | 10 mins ago
AI learns from brain signals to create personalized attractive faces
Although certain celebrities are widely considered to be nice-looking, beauty does still ultimately lie in the eye of the beholder. A new AI-based system is able to ascertain which features are found most attractive by individual people, and then cre ...
reddit | Technology | 11 mins ago
'Magic happens, often': Christine and the Queens, Haim, Nile Rodgers and more on the joy of live music
Musicians on the thrill of playing live – and what we can expect when gigs return
theguardian | World | 13 mins ago
Insight: Nicola Sturgeon will be tried in court of public opinion
The moment, when it came, was a piece of perfect symmetry. Just as throughout their long political partnership Nicola Sturgeon’s personality served as a foil to Alex Salmond’s - so her appearance in front of the committee, from her choice of atti ...
reddit | Politics | 16 mins ago
The law is only unbending when we choose it to be | Kenan Malik
The Home Office claims the law won’t permit it to grant citizenship to Trevor Donald, whom it barred from Britain
theguardian | Politics | 17 mins ago
William Keegan | Beware Rishi Sunak, a small state ideologue posing as a big spender
The chancellor appeared to have learned from the austerity disaster, but a glance beyond the short term shows he has not
theguardian | Politics | 17 mins ago
‘Nomadland’ Production Sound Mixer Michael Wolf Snyder Dies at 35
“Nomadland” production sound mixer Michael Wolf Snyder has died by suicide, according his father, David Snyder. He was 35. Snyder’s body was found in his Queens, N.Y. apartment by his father …
reddit | Entertainment | 20 mins ago
Editorial: Ireland must not rise to the latest piece of rancid Brexit bait | Business Post
The urge by Brussels and Dublin to respond to Britain‘s gunboat diplomacy in kind should be resisted
reddit | Politics | 25 mins ago
Google Camera 8.2 makes it even easier to quickly take videos
Google is rolling out an update to Google Camera that makes it easier than ever to quickly take a hands-free video.
reddit | Technology | 26 mins ago
How many coronavirus cases have there been in your area? Use our tool to find out
Enter your postcode in the tool below to find out how many people have been infected with coronavirus in your area
telegraph | Top Stories | 28 mins ago
Covid-19: First roadmap date approaches, and 'fundamentally flawed' PPE
Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Sunday morning.
bbc | Top Stories | 29 mins ago
The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting - Workers with college degrees and specialized training once felt relatively safe from automation. They aren’t.
Workers with college degrees and specialized training once felt relatively safe from automation. They aren’t.
reddit | Technology | 30 mins ago
Schools to reopen on Monday: all you need to know about Covid testing and face mask rules
Wraparound care and sports will also resume in a boost to working parents
telegraph | Top Stories | 32 mins ago
Scotland lockdown news: latest Covid rules and roadmap plan
Nicola Sturgeon announces return to five-level system from end of April - as shops, hairdressers and gyms set to reopen from April 26
telegraph | Top Stories | 32 mins ago
Wales lockdown rules: What are the latest level 4 restrictions?
First Minister hints at further easing of restrictions at lockdown review on March 12
telegraph | Top Stories | 32 mins ago
Northern Ireland lockdown: what are the rules and when they will end?
Lockdown in Northern Ireland has been extended until April 1
telegraph | Top Stories | 32 mins ago
Revealed: why hundreds of thousands of tonnes of recycling are going up in smoke
Investigation questions eco-friendly claims of incineration industry
theguardian | Business | 35 mins ago
Oxford Covid-19 vaccine Q&A: How effective is it, and how is it different to the Pfizer vaccine?
The rollout of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine has begun in the UK - here is everything we know so far
telegraph | Top Stories | 36 mins ago
Who is next on the priority list for Covid vaccines - and how will I be contacted? 
The Covid-19 vaccination programme is under way - the largest in British history
telegraph | Top Stories | 36 mins ago
Special needs pupils in England living in dread of returning to the classroom
Many children have been failed by schools and as lockdown is eased the resources will no longer be there to help them at home
theguardian | Top Stories | 40 mins ago
Covid lockdown roadmap: key dates revealed for easing restrictions in England
Boris Johnson on Monday announced a four-step exit from the current lockdown
telegraph | Politics | 42 mins ago
The threat of inflation is not so imminent as No 11 would have us believe
While higher interest rates would add to the cost of financing the debt burden, central banks are unlikely to raise them soon
theguardian | Business | 44 mins ago