Unconditional Love
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One of the Things Marvel Portrays the Best: Regular People Doing Heroic Things
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I've just had a blazing row with my Dad, accused him of being an extremist and stormed out
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Steve really didn’t save my mans 😔
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Sand Brewed Coffee
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2 Texas men die trying to jump car over open drawbridge
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TIL that Chinese youth used to listen to a lot of music CDs from the US with holes punched through the corner. The so-called "dakou" CDs were surplus albums destined to be disposed, but ended up being sold in China instead. You could listen to most of each album, but some songs would be missing.
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Medical Marijuana Will Be a Legal Alternative to Opioids in Colorado
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Milana Vayntrub
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Where Drogon went next.
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Kristen Bell
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Stronger than aluminum, a heavily altered wood cools passively
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AITA for taking back the birthday gift I gave my sister?
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Circus team with amazing balance and precision
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And he did and amazing job
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When their mailman retired, the neighbors along his route threw him one heck of a goodbye party
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Gus Johnson - pranking homeless people by giving them money off camera so as not to exploit them
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Mr "I've opened 500 packs and didn't get my heirloom" is either full of it or bad at math. So please put away your pitchforks and stop validating him with karma and medals!
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A YouTuber is openly dating a minor, one month has passed and nobody gives a shit anymore.
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i’m just an attention whore needing gratification; roast me
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I got this big sister
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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie delayed until February 14, 2020
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Snoop Dogg on Kawhi: “I’ve talked to him. I believe it wasn’t a “quit.” I believe it was a lot of disrespect in that locker room towards him. That man brought you all a championship. That man locked up LeBron. He was the shining star...When you’re hearing this as a kid, you take it the wrong way."
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CPT (Cat Pro Tip): Don't do catnip before an ultrasound
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Met Police wanted all 1,130 Extinction Rebellions who were arrested to be charged
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