Washington state takes bold step to restrict companies from bottling local water | US news | The Guardian
State senate passes bill to ban new permits for water bottling operations, calling process ‘detrimental to public welfare’
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US intelligence warned House members Russia is working to get Trump re-elected – reports
Briefing to members of Congress is said to have led to abrupt removal of acting director of national intelligence
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New homes in flood-risk areas not covered by insurance scheme
Study by thinktank Bright Blue finds 70,000 homes built in England on highest-risk land
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Turning billions of £20 notes into compost
Around two billion paper £20 notes will be replaced with polymer notes in the next few months.
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JP Morgan economists warn of 'catastrophic' climate change
Researchers say delaying climate change action risks "potentially catastrophic outcomes".
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Bloomberg debate video sparks new concern over social media disinformation
‘Tongue-in-cheek’ clip falsely suggesting candidate silenced his rivals will not be removed from Instagram
theguardian | World | 6 mins ago
NHS 'took 18 months to help after suicide attempt'
Poor treatment for those who self-harm or attempt suicide is putting lives at risk, psychiatrists say.
bbc | Health | 6 mins ago
Steelmaking could return to Redcar within three years
Tees Valley mayor says 20,000 jobs could be created over the next two decades
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Elizabeth Warren trolls Republican donor with ad in his paper telling him how much tax she'll make him pay
Warren's ad comes a day after she repeatedly slammed billionaire Mike Bloomberg during Las Vegas Democratic debate
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"Ceasefire weekends" where activists urge community members to stop shooting associated with 52% gun violence reduction in Baltimore. (Jan 2012-July 2019)
American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) from the American Public Health Association (APHA)
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Twitter tests labeling 'harmfully misleading' tweets by politicians
A leaked demo shows bright orange labels beneath the tweets.
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Schoolboy Man Utd fan gets letter from Jurgen Klopp
Donegal schoolboy Daragh Curley asked the Liverpool manager if his side could lose some matches.
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3 charged after 11-year-old gives birth in Missouri bathtub
ST. CHARLES, Mo. (AP) — Three relatives of an 11-year-old girl who gave birth in the bathtub of her suburban St. Louis home are facing criminal charges. An adult female and adult male are...
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Bumblebees recognize objects through sight and touch, a complex cognitive feat. Bumblebee - with a brain with fewer than one million neurons - can create mental images of objects using information from multiple senses and form sophisticated mental representations of their surrounding world.
Demonstrating an unprecedented degree of cognitive complexity in an insect, researchers report that bumblebees are capable of recognizing objects across senses.
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Newspaper headlines: Coal fire crackdown and London mosque stabbing
Friday's newspapers carry a mix of stories, including on the London mosque stabbing.
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Trump ally Erik Prince reportedly under investigation by FBI for 'converting crop dusting plane into military aircraft'
Prince has given handsomely to president's campaigns, and is brother to education secretary Betsy DeVos
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AI discovers antibiotic to treat drug-resistant diseases for first time
Researchers used computer model that can screen more than a hundred million chemical compounds in a matter of days
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'Last night was a lot of fun': Warren tells post-debate rally she's 'had it with billionaires who don't play by rules'
'I’ve been told to sit down and be quiet enough in my life'
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Russia trying to get Trump re-elected, intelligence officials reportedly tell Congress
President said to fear his Democratic opponents will use the assessment against him
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Amy Klobuchar blanks Pete Buttigieg and avoids shaking his hand at the end of Democratic debate
Having shaken Joe Biden's hand, 'Mayor Pete' turns to the Minnesota senator, only for her to pass him by and exit the stage
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Britain First leader Paul Golding charged with terror offence
Paul Golding was charged after refusing to give police access to his phone after returning from Russia.
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Creator of copy and paste command, Larry Tesler, dies aged 74
Scientist copied the printing technique of physically cutting and glueing printed text
theguardian | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
Tesla Model Y returns a stellar range rating - The electric SUV is also the most efficient vehicle in its class with a 121-mpge rating.
The electric SUV is also the most efficient vehicle in its class with a 121-mpge rating.
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Social care is crumbling, and Johnson’s immigration plans will only make it worse
Without cheap labour from overseas, wages will have to steeply increase if the prime minister wants to ‘fix’ the system, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee
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Germany shooting: 'It was a shock but not a surprise'
Three German Kurds talk to the BBC about the aftermath of the attack and racism in Germany.
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