TIL According to Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus, the Greek King of Ithaca, had a dog named Argos. When Odysseus left for the war on Troy, Argos waited for 20 years for him to return, and died as soon as he saw his master had come back safe and sound.
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I told him I didn't even want to come in the first place - but I put in an appearance for his sake
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Multiple people shot in Toronto's Riverdale neighbourhood, paramedics say
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comics in the 90's people
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Crow cosplay with incredible detail.
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Emilia Clarke
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Real life sid
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Have we forgotten this moment when Pam was crying over Jim being with Karen and Dwight got protective?
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WARR Hyperloop pod hits 284 mph to win SpaceX competition
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The FTC has taken Uber‘s money and is giving it to Uber drivers
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Elizabeth Olsen
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TRAI could ban Apple iPhones in India soon; Here’s why
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Too surreal??
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TIL Starbucks was a complete failure in Australia, mainly because Aussies are used to good quality coffee. They entered Australia in 2000, opened 84 outlets across Australia’s eastern coast. Eight years and $143 million in losses later they closed 60 stores, and sold the rest.
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Homeless families in work 'up 73%'
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Press F to pay respects.
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This guy stole the ball intended for the kid...
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So glad I bought enough mats for everyone.
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Emily Ratajkowski
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Valve's Gaming Department
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TIL that in the 1930s laws were proposed in Massachusetts and St. Louis to ban car radios out of fear that they would distract drivers and cause accidents or even lull a driver to sleep.
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TIL the term “mark” originated from the carnival. When dishonest game operators found someone they could entice to keep playing their rigged game, they would "mark" the player by patting their back with a hand that had chalk on it. Other carnies would then keep an eye out for rubes with chalk marks.
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Someone needs to find a new pooping spot.
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Can't fix stupid...
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