NASA reportedly investigating first allegation of crime committed in space.
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Hong Kong protests: dozens arrested as government warns of 'very dangerous situation'. Twelve-year-old among those detained after violent clashes that involved the police using water cannon and firing a warning shot.
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TIL the Aflac insurance duck in Japan is soft spoken and empathetic, unlike the American one which is obnoxious and a smart ass.
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I found a rock that looks like bread with a bite taken out of it
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Does Amazon have answers for the future of the NHS? The technology behemoth is preparing a move into the healthcare market, but critics fear profit will come before patients and privacy
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Michelle Trachtenberg
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I don’t get it
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Four Florida nursing home workers face charges in post-hurricane deaths
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Ariana Grande
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Spotted “I’m Sorry Jon” at Fan Expo
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Ya almost had us.
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Jackets help rescue dogs receive commands remotely
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China Focus: China's coal capital transforming into hydrogen hub - Xinhua
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To everyone at work that has been eating my the fun begins
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Every Wednesday the East Providence RI police department turn on their car lights for the children's hospital, and the children flash their lights back. It's tradition to let the children know that someone is thinking of them while they are sick
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A creation she won’t ever want to take off
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Keanu being Keanu again
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Shots fired. Just kidding. Only 1.
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name a player i’ll drop a bar around it
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Scoop: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S.
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Technology still has room to improve...
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Petco Park staff rickrolls Red Sox fans
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Trump takes time out of G-7 meeting to lash out at media
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Notting Hill Carnival revellers celebrate Caribbean culture at Europe’s largest street party
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