I’m getting up at 5am to ‘chase the tiger’. How long can I sustain this madness?
Sleep deprivation makes perspective a long-forgotten friend, my days spent mentally spiralling off the smallest thing
theguardian | Health | 1 mins ago
Portsmouth centenarian celebrates '25th' birthday on leap year
Doris - who was born in 1920 - said she had "waited all my life to be famous and now it happens like this".
bbc | UK | 6 mins ago
Dubai ruler loses appeal over release of two UK court judgments
Appeal court rejects challenge by Sheikh Mohammed, who may now go to supreme court
theguardian | World | 9 mins ago
British man who was on Diamond Princess ship in Japan dies
A British man who was aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, docked in Yokoham...
reddit | UK | 10 mins ago
According to new report, 56.2% of Americans are worried about package theft
At CheckVideo, we're interested in how customers keep safe. We surveyed across the US to see where doorbell cameras are most popular. Check out our results!
reddit | Technology | 10 mins ago
Man convicted of raping woman who he allegedly befriended by pretending to be gay
During the rape the man told the victim that, "if she fought or screamed, 'I will get my boys to come in and hold you down,'" the district attorney's office said in a statement.
reddit | World | 10 mins ago
BBC Radio Cornwall newsreader saddened by death of 'Clara from Bude'
Jo Twist says she 'took the time to listen' to regular listener, Clara from Bude, who recently died.
bbc | UK | 15 mins ago
First British coronavirus death confirmed
Japanese media say man died after catching virus while quarantined on Diamond Princess cruise ship
theguardian | Science | 17 mins ago
UK house prices rise at fastest rate for 18 months
Increase in home values comes as estate agent Foxtons reports £8.8m loss
theguardian | Business | 18 mins ago
Civil FOSTA Suits Start Showing Up In Court; Prove That FOSTA Supporters Were 100% Wrong About Who Would Be Targeted
During the run up to the passage of FOSTA, we were told two key things: (1) the law was absolutely necessary to stop sex trafficking websites like Backpage, and (2) that there was no way that the law would be abused to go after perfectly innocent...
reddit | Technology | 26 mins ago
British man dies from coronavirus in Japan
British man who had been on board cruise ship has died from coronavirus, Japan Health Ministry says
bbc | UK | 33 mins ago
Coronavirus: British passenger from Diamond Princess cruise ship dies
Four Britons from the ship remained in Japan after the rest were evacuated because they had contracted the coronavirus.
reddit | Politics | 36 mins ago
5G expands to 378 cities across 34 countries
South Korea has the highest number of cities with 5G availability, followed by China, the US, and the UK, according to a report from network testing provider VIAVI.
reddit | Technology | 36 mins ago
Russia sends warships to Syria, blames Ankara for killing of Turkish troops
Russia on Friday said it was sending two warships armed with cruise missiles to ...
reddit | World | 39 mins ago
The Future of Technology - Podcast Episode
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reddit | Technology | 44 mins ago
Study: Rib fossil from largest dinosaur in Kyushu found.
AMAKUSA, Kumamoto Prefecture--A rib bone fossil from about 100 million years ago is believed to be f
reddit | Science | 45 mins ago
Researchers from the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo report the first occurrence of directly splitting one photon into three.
Researchers from the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo report the first occurrence of directly splitting one photon into three.
reddit | Science | 51 mins ago
The majority-black city blocked from electing black officials
The discriminatory voting system in Pleasant Grove, Alabama, allowed white people to win every city council seat. Now residents are fighting back
theguardian | World | 53 mins ago
Party Donations: A decade of political money
Last year's election boosted political banks accounts - but who were the decade's biggest donors?
bbc | Politics | 58 mins ago
Burke and Brexit: the UK’s chief negotiator displays a lack of concern about trade risks and accountability
Ahead of the government’s publication of its negotiating approach to agreeing a future relationship with the EU, the UK’s chief negotiator, David Frost, gave a speech that referenced th…
reddit | Politics | 1 hrs ago
Senate unanimously approves bill to ban purchase of Huawei equipment with federal funds
The Senate unanimously approved legislation on Thursday that would ban the use of federal funds to purchase telecommunications equipment from companies deemed a national security threat, such as Chinese group Huawei
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Amazon removes overpriced goods and fake cures
The retail giant is removing fake cures and tackling unreasonable price hikes amid public concern.
bbc | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Malawi legalises cannabis amid hopes of fresh economic growth
Law change hailed by supporters as chance for country to benefit from rising global demand for medicinal cannabis products
theguardian | World | 1 hrs ago
Tinder Lets Known Sex Offenders Use the App. It’s Not the Only One.
Match Group, which owns most major online dating services, screens for sexual predators on Match — but not on Tinder, OkCupid or PlentyofFish. A spokesperson said, “There are definitely registered sex offenders on our free products.”
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Netflix’s first African series, Queen Sono, premieres
Queen Sono is about a South African spy who takes on corruption, terrorism and a Russian heiress.
bbc | World | 1 hrs ago