Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Ease Divorce Restrictions
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A Lesson From 1930s Germany: Beware State Control of Social Media
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Lions try to take down a giraffe that refuses to fall
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Mother reunited with dog.
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TIL That after a two-year impasse with no new Pope, the Cardinals elected a hermit monk who sent them an angry letter, threatening them with divine judgement. He became Celestine V. He served for five months before implementing a law that allowed Popes to abdicate. He abdicated a week later.
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Pastor Makes Females Give Oral In Church, Says To Get Holy Milk
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Please gib access
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The good news is his name, insta, address and number has been posted too
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Two dead after tornado tears through Oklahoma, destroying hotel
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TIL Companies will intentionaly alter the sounds of their products. For example, they will make a car engine sound louder as to make us think it is more powerful or make a vacuum cleaner louder to make us think it is sucking up more dirt and dust.
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German Jews warned not to wear kippahs in public following spike in anti-Semitism
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Color changing ink ✒️
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Poland has now officially filed a complaint against the European Union's 'upload filter'
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This idiot made me look like an idiot
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Neuroethicists warn of extraordinary claims from 'neurowearables' - The claims of manufacturers are often ahead of the neuroscience
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I think there's something wrong with my house...
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Trump’s feud with Huawei and China could lead to the balkanization of tech - Trade barriers and immigration controls might lead different countries to adopt incompatible products, impeding global innovation.
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TIL a bumblebee generates a positive charge by flapping its wings and transfers some to a flower it lands, making other bumblebees easier to sense that pollen of the flower has recently been removed.
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Microsoft, once considered a stodgy software maker, has outperformed tech unicorns since 2015
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Craters of the moon, now viewable from Instagram and Reddit
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DHL launches its first regular fully-automated and intelligent urban drone delivery service
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TikTok Could Shake Silicon Valley's Free-Trade Instincts
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Emerald written with color changing ink
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Elon Musk may be a pain, but that doesn’t mean his ideas are crazy - Could Tesla owners one day farm out their cars as self-driving taxis?
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Hackers reportedly used a tool developed by the NSA to attack Baltimore’s computer systems
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