AI: In contrast to automation, augmentation presumes that smart humans and smart machines can coexist and create better outcomes than either could alone. AI systems may perform some health care tasks with limited human intervention, thereby freeing clinicians to perform higher-level tasks.
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true fuckery
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Democrats pick up two more House seats as Denham, MacArthur concede
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Man found dead as ambulance takes seven hours to respond
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Magnetic paper reveals the location of magnets in devices
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Trump picks handbag designer, Mar-a-Lago member to be envoy to South Africa
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TIL that Joko Widodo, the current president of Indonesia, is such a big heavy metal fan that the Danish prime minister gave him Metallica's Master of Puppets box set as a diplomatic gift. The box set was signed by Metallica's drummer, Lars Ulrich.
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The gun show
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Thought this belonged here
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If this is winning Mrs May we dread to think what losing looks like
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The Great Amazon Swindle
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Death toll rises to 56 in Northern California's Camp Fire
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At least 56 killed, more than 100 missing in California wildfire
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Technology has changed the way we get high, forever
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Hello Wisconsin!! Maverick has enjoyed your cheese and is now basking in your sun ☀️
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When you accidentally open the front facing camera
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Iceland's president admits he went 'too far' with threat to ban pineapple pizza
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TIL that Satoshi Tajiri the creator and father of Pokemon is a high-functioning autistic
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NJ GoFundMe Couple, Homeless Man Made Up Story, Source Says
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That ending 😂
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Sea lion bump
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Sauron when he sees frodo cooking ramen
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Jonathan Isaac's huge block on Embiid
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Leicester explosion: Trio 'wanted £300k insurance payout'
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