Faster pace of climate change is 'scary' - Extreme events linked to climate change are occurring sooner than expected, an ex-chief scientist says. Prof Sir David King says he's been scared by the number of extreme events, and he called for the UK to advance its climate targets by 10 years.
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TIL that of the 77 Olympians competing in the golf tournament at the 1904 Summer Olympics, 74 of them represented the USA and 3 of them represented Canada. Canada won the Gold.
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'It's lunacy' - Warning that Boris Johnson's Ireland-Scotland bridge 'would pass over a million tonnes of wartime bombs'
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Guardian apologises for David Cameron editorial
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Warren Continues to Emerge As a Potential Democratic Unity Figure
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Nice move....Pro move....Black Magic
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I made a 2Dadventure game for Pewdiepie and Sven and you can play it here (link in comments)
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Database leaks data on most of Ecuador's citizens, including 6.7 million children.
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Muslim American mayor says border agents confiscated his phone after he arrived at NY airport
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Exclusive: Australia concluded China was behind hack on parliament, political parties – sources
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Casey Viner: US gamer jailed over deadly Swatting hoax
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All the ads in this London subway station are gone ... and replaced with cats
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so that's why......
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Inheritance tax would be scrapped by the Brexit party – good news for the very rich | Torsten Bell | Opinion
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TikTok’s Beijing roots fuel censorship suspicion as it builds a huge U.S. audience
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TIL. Venus flytraps are only native to North and South Carolina.
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James Wan's ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Has Officially Begun Production
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How to beat Minecraft without walking
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TIL of the legend of the French shepherd boy who hid his milk curds and bread in a cave to chase a beautiful girl. Although he lost the girl, a few weeks later he discovered his milk curds had become a tasty cheese with veins of a blue mold. Roquefort cheese is still made from the same mold.
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Love at first sight.
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On TikTok, Hong Kong protests don’t exist
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Aliens May Have Explored The Galaxy And Visited Earth Already, Scientists Say
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Can hydrogen fuel unlock Scotland's future energy potential
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UPDATE Why Boris Johnson’s Funding from Hedge Funds is a Matter of Public Interest
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