Smart CCTV Networks Are Driving an AI-Powered Apartheid in South Africa - In one of the world’s most racially divided countries, a company called Vumacam is building a nationwide surveillance network that scrutinizes peoples' movements for “unusual behavior.”
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TIL about the legendary pickpocket Apollo Robbins, who once stripped Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service detail of their watches, badges, keys, and the presidential itinerary. He once stole a man’s driver’s license and made it turn up inside a sealed bag of M&M’s in his wife’s purse.
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A brighter, more equal future is Labour’s greatest manifesto pledge
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'The Good Place' Creator Michael Schur: “You owe certain things to the people that you share Earth with and that’s the point of the show, very explicitly.”
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Cameraman tries to film a fight but is threatened by a large woman. Gets saved by his friend at the last minute.
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Most Americans fear they have lost control of their personal information, as Facebook and Google continue to dominate the online ad market
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California prosecutor accused of using his own daughter as bait to catch suspected child molester
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TIL reading while pooping has been common throughout history. Ancient Roman bathhouses often contained libraries with scrolls for reading.
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Monsanto pleads guilty to illegally spraying banned pesticide in Maui
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Philadelphia McDonald’s worker ‘hit with brick’, assaulted after refusing to give boys free food, cousin says
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FCC votes 5-0 to bar China's Huawei, ZTE from government subsidy program
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Hailee Steinfeld
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TIL that a French town honored a toilet as a war hero for over 25 years. The town's mayor showed General Patton a grave in 1917, unaware that it said 'Abandoned Rear', meaning a latrine. When Patton came back during World War 2, the latrine was still being maintained as a hero's grave.
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Lying sack of shit claims people don’t give a toss about being lied to by sacks of shit
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University claims firing professor for being a bigot would violate the US Constitution
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'The Social Network', 'Watchmen', 'Gone Girl', 'Waves': Trent Reznor Reinvented Himself As a Score Master Without Shedding His Nine Inch Nails Roots By Crafting Some of the Decade’s Most Iconic Scores
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‘The time is now to have a federal privacy bill,’ says Tim Cook
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Bayer's Monsanto pleads guilty to illegal Hawaii pesticide spraying
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Google bans microtargeting and “false claims” in political ads
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TIL That in 1991 influential and bestselling hip-hop lyricist Ice-T was among the first rappers to express comments supportive of the LGBT community
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Alabama Officer Guilty of Manslaughter for Killing Unarmed Black Man
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Falling leaf animation.
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Google guesses what your political leanings are—but it’s a secret
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Brexit Party candidate scuffles with Morrisons security guard after being thrown out of supermarket for ‘forcing leaflets’ on shoppers
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