Coronavirus 'disappearing' so fast Oxford vaccine has 'only 50% chance of working'
Professor Adrian Hill describes the efforts to create a vaccine as a "race against the virus disappearing, and against time".
reddit | Science | 26th May '20
Dominic Cummings may have edited an old blog to add a reference to coronaviruses
A post on Dominic Cummings's personal blog from March 2019 appears to have been edited in April 2020 to add a reference to coronaviruses. Cummings himself drew attention this particular blog yesterday, during a press conference in which he attempted ...
reddit | UK | 26th May '20
Coronavirus tracked: UK now has highest daily death rate anywhere in the world
More than 500 in every million people in the UK have now died from Covid-19
independent | UK | 26th May '20
Coronavirus latest: at a glance
A summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak
theguardian | Top Stories | 26th May '20
TfL announces new system to stop spread of coronavirus on the Tube
It's a game changer
mylondon | UK | 14th May '20
OCD: 'I spent 20 years preparing for the coronavirus pandemic'
How coping with OCD prepared one man for the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.
bbc | Health | 11th May '20
Amazing photos show 'post-apocalyptic' London in lockdown
‘It’s like the people died out and just the buildings remained’ said the photographer
mylondon | UK | 7th May '20
I made millions out of the last debt crisis. Now the wealthy stand to win again | Gary Stevenson
We need a fairer tax system so that wealthy people like me help solve the fallout from coronavirus, says the economist and former trader Gary Stevenson
theguardian | Business | 7th May '20
Coronavirus Reveals How Irresponsible Capitalism Fails Us
In the face of a pandemic, the invisible hand has been shown to be ill-equipped, incompetent and cruel – capable of little more than grabbing frantically for toilet paper and pasta. As markets collapsed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, gov ...
reddit | Politics | 6th May '20
Can you solve it? Are you smarter than an 8-year-old?
Four playful puzzles for kids in quarantine
theguardian | Education | 4th May '20
Coronavirus lockdown confusion causing 'postcode lottery' of police enforcement, report warns
Some police forces handed out hundreds of fines in first two weeks of new powers, while others were in single figures
independent | UK | 29th Apr '20
WhatsApp update brings eight person video chats
New feature comes as people use group chat services to talk through coronavirus update
independent | Technology | 28th Apr '20
How does a coronavirus antibody home test kit work, and how do I get one?
The Government has bought 3.5 million finger-prick antibody tests, but are they reliable?
telegraph | Top Stories | 23rd Apr '20
New York payment startup exposed millions of credit card numbers
Exclusive: The unencrypted database stored eight months of plaintext credit card numbers.
reddit | Technology | 23rd Apr '20
Does wearing face masks REALLY prevent coronavirus outbreaks? Data shows countries that imposed compulsory mask-wearing managed to reverse their crises as leading doctors urge Britons to use scarves to make their own
Austria made it mandatory to wear one to supermarkets or shops on April 6, following a spike in infections in late March. In the fortnight since, the nation's daily infection rates has fell 90 per cent.
reddit | Politics | 21st Apr '20
People Running Folding@Home Accidentally Created The World's Biggest Supercomputer
You may have heard of Folding@home, the number-crunching app you can run on your computer to help researchers tackle certain medical problems, including the new coronavirus. In the past month, the network of volunteers who've installed it has become ...
reddit | Technology | 18th Apr '20
Gmail now blocking 18 million Coronavirus scams every day
A typical scam email, this one purporting to be from the UK tax office (HMRC) According to Google, they're blocking 18 million phishing emails related to the Coronavirus pandemic every day. The number of total emails blocked on a daily basis, is ove ...
reddit | Technology | 17th Apr '20
Robotic insects printed 'in minutes' and other tech news
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at the best of the week's technology stories.
bbc | Technology | 17th Apr '20
The Subtle Ways Amazon Is Discouraging People From Ordering So Much Stuff
It's now the Don't-Buy-Everything Store.
reddit | Technology | 17th Apr '20
How does a coronavirus antibody home test kit work, and how do I get one?
The Government has bought 3.5 million finger-prick antibody tests that could soon radically transform the UK's response to Covid-19
telegraph | Top Stories | 15th Apr '20
Will a contact tracing app actually stop the coronavirus spread?
Apps using Bluetooth and GPS can help the authorities track the spread of coronavirus - but how well do they work?
telegraph | Technology | 15th Apr '20
Has coronavirus opened the door to mass electronic surveillance in the UK? | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion
An app that lets you escape lockdown may sound tempting, but its implications could be dystopian, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff
reddit | UK | 15th Apr '20
Black people in China 'banned from McDonalds and evicted from their homes' over coronavirus fears
‘They treat us like animals,’ says Max, who was forced from his apartment and put into quarantine – despite testing negative for Covid19.
independent | World | 15th Apr '20
Coronavirus: IVF treatment delays 'soul destroying'
Amanda Faulkiner-Farrow, 38, shares her heartache over the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
bbc | UK | 15th Apr '20
Coronavirus: 'I know what it's like to miss an Olympics'
Forty years before a pandemic dashed Alyson's dreams, Paula missed out on the Games due to politics.
bbc | Top Stories | 13th Apr '20