Inmates and officers say New Jersey failed to stop sex abuse behind bars. "I was sexually abused by a corrections officer. I saw countless women raped while serving my time. I spoke up, I complained, I reported it."
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Female inmates in Arizona will now have access to free tampons/sanitary napkins
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More than twice as many women are running for Congress in 2018 compared to 2016
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I'm a 27 year old Saudi woman, I'm currently locked in my room, my mom just disowned me and my brother is threatening to kill me. i need help.
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Birth control vending machines installed in college campuses. UC Davis is offering students the morning after pill, condoms, and pregnancy tests inside the convenience of a vending machine on campus.
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A bill that would provide unlimited menstrual supplies to incarcerated women in Arizona prisons has stalled in the House of Representatives, so women are protesting by mailing pads and tampons to the Capitol.
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Rachel Weisz doesn't think female James Bond is a good idea: 'Women should get their own stories'
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