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Trump risks breaking law if he uses US military to suppress riots and taps army general to lead protest response
1878 Posse Comitatus Act places strong guardrails against a president using active duty military troops to uphold civil laws on US soil
independent | World | 1 mins ago
Video Captures Poor Conditions At Louisiana Poultry Plant Where Prisoners Are Sent To Work
Despite COVID-19 concerns, the state’s prisoners are still doing dangerous menial jobs in work-release programs.
reddit | World | 6 mins ago
Lawsuit: Cops ‘stomped’ on pregnant black woman’s stomach, causing miscarriage
Emerald Black’s May 25 lawsuit alleges the incident took place June 7, 2019, when her fiancé was pulled over for bad registration tags. The couple was returning home from Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, where Black had been exami ...
reddit | World | 26 mins ago
YouTube star Jake Paul claims he wasn't looting after video shows him at damaged Arizona mall
Paul claimed he and his friends "spent the day doing our part to peacefully protest" the death of George Floyd and claimed they were tear-gassed for filming the protests.
reddit | World | 42 mins ago
White man who illegally open carried rifle at protest allowed to walk away by police
'This is what had people out in the streets in the first place'
independent | World | 47 mins ago
2020 election: Biden in best position for any challenger since Jimmy Carter in 1976, polls show
Mr Biden came out on top of more than 40 national polls conducted in May. Last candidate to do so was Carter, subsequent winner of 1976 election
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
Independent autopsy finds George Floyd died of asphyxia
George Floyd's family attorney revealed the first findings of an independent autopsy into his death.
reddit | World | 1 hrs ago
George Floyd's family releasing independent autopsy results
A family attorney has disputed preliminary findings from a county medical examiner that found no evidence of strangulation
reddit | World | 1 hrs ago
New York city introduces curfew and increases police numbers amid George Floyd protests
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
George Floyd protests: Republican senator says he wants the 101st Airborne army division unleashed on protesters
“We need to have zero tolerance for this destruction,” says Tom Cotton
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
US activist sues former Egyptian prime minister over arrest and torture
Hazem Abdel Aziz El Beblawi sued in Washington as Mohamed Soltan alleges he was targeted for assassination
theguardian | World | 1 hrs ago
George Floyd died of asphyxia, private autopsy finds
The African-American man whose death sparked civil unrest died from asphyxia, says an autopsy commissioned by his family.
bbc | World | 1 hrs ago
George Floyd autopsy shows he died of asphyxia and his death was partly caused by other officers, lawyer says
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn
Analysis shows 500 species are on the brink of extinction, the same as were lost over the entire last century
theguardian | World | 2 hrs ago
White House calls for 'law and order' as violent protests rage
President Donald Trump on Monday urged U.S. states to crack down on violent protests that have engulfed cities, saying officials should "dominate" and arrest people to restore order after a sixth straight night of vandalism and looting, med ...
reddit | World | 2 hrs ago
Donald Trump offers to invite Vladimir Putin to expanded G7 summit
US president initiated call with Russian leader, according to Kremlin account, where they discussed pandemic, oil and space
theguardian | World | 2 hrs ago
'Let's get to work': Obama sets out how US can turn George Floyd protests into turning point for police reform
'But watching the heightened activism of young people in recent weeks, of every race and every station, makes me hopeful'
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Man shot dead at 26th and Broadway identified
Tension was filling Louisville streets again Monday morning.
reddit | World | 2 hrs ago
George Floyd's brother calls for end to violence as he visits scene of fatal arrest
independent | World | 3 hrs ago
George Floyd: What does the data show about race and policing?
We've looked at some of the data around ethnicity and the US crime and justice system.
bbc | World | 3 hrs ago
27 killed, 92 shot in Chicago weekend gun violence
27 people were killed and at least 92 were wounded by gun violence in Chicago's most violent weekend of the year so far
reddit | World | 3 hrs ago
Japan launches surprise fireworks to lift spirits amid pandemic
The displays, at secret locations across Japan, were designed to lift spirits amid the pandemic.
bbc | World | 3 hrs ago
What is Antifa, the group Trump wants to designate as a terrorist organisation?
Donald Trump claims ‘left-wing anarchists’ are behind much of the past week’s violence, but has offered no evidence
independent | World | 3 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Striking photos show cities returning to normal after lockdown
Easing restrictions bring people back to previously-empty streets
independent | World | 3 hrs ago
Video shows milk poured over face of child pepper-sprayed in Seattle protest
A video showed people pouring milk over a child's face after reportedly getting pepper-sprayed during a protest on Saturday.
reddit | World | 4 hrs ago