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Amazing 1980s Harlesden pictures to make you wish Brent was home
The portraits have featured in Brent's Year of Culture programme
mylondon | UK | 5 hrs ago
‘Significant’ cannabis factory discovered next to Bank of England in City of London
Police say drugs operation is first of its kind found in the area
independent | UK | 6 hrs ago
Refugee who fled state execution tells of life in limbo stuck in London hotel
More than 64,000 refugees are currently waiting in the UK for their asylum application to be decided
mylondon | UK | 6 hrs ago
London dad's heartbreak after finding 'ice cold' 3-month-old son dead in cot
Baby Archie had no previous health concerns
mylondon | UK | 6 hrs ago
Wild lynx could be reintroduced into Scottish Highlands
Study tests public support for bringing back species after 500-year absence, while farmers fear for sheep
theguardian | UK | 6 hrs ago
Numbers of Covid patients at Croydon hospital not expected to fall for 5 weeks
But now more than 17,000 people have received their first Covid-19 vaccination
mylondon | UK | 6 hrs ago
Doctor and MP highlights 'sad fact' Covid wards are filled with BAME patients
Dr Rosena Allin-Khan has described the "deeply disturbing" scenes in London hospitals
mylondon | UK | 6 hrs ago
1,100 people search for widow's lost dog as it's her 'only companion'
The 80-year-old stands at the door at night waiting for 'her boy' to come home
mylondon | UK | 6 hrs ago
If The Government Can Get Away With 100,000 Covid Deaths, It Can Get Away With Anything
“What have been the cost of the pandemic lies? Well, at least 100,000 dead. And yet this government remains at 40 percent in the polls”For more info: https:/...
reddit | UK | 6 hrs ago
Thamesmead man threatens to kill his mum after he's asked to clean the toilet
Adebanjo Adeyemi's mother now wants a restraining order so she doesn't have to see him again
mylondon | UK | 6 hrs ago
Storm Christoph: Thousands of Manchester homes could be flooded
Police say 3,000 properties in Didsbury, Northenden and Sale near the River Mersey could be affected.
bbc | UK | 6 hrs ago
When the Met Office forecasts the only sunny day in London in the next 7 days
The good news is brighter days are ahead
mylondon | UK | 7 hrs ago
Police patrolling busy bus stops where face masks aren't worn
TfL has increased the number of enforcement officers working across London's public transport network
mylondon | UK | 7 hrs ago
UK reports record Covid death toll for second day running
The Government said a further 1,820 people had died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19 - the highest number of UK deaths reported on a single day since the outbreak began.
independent | UK | 7 hrs ago
COVID-19: UK records another 1,820 coronavirus deaths and 38,905 new cases
A further 1,820 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for COVID-19 - the highest number of UK deaths reported on a single day since the outbreak began.
reddit | UK | 7 hrs ago
Croydon Council could hold a referendum on an elected mayor as soon as this May
mylondon | UK | 7 hrs ago
Made in Chelsea’s Proudlock marries Emma Louise Connolly in secret ceremony
The couple secretly wed in December
mylondon | UK | 7 hrs ago
Covid lockdown cannot be eased while NHS looks like ‘war zone’, warns chief scientific adviser
Vaccines not yet doing enough ‘heavy lifting’ to allow easing of restrictions, says Patrick Vallance
independent | UK | 7 hrs ago
Old station used to transport dead Londoners could become flats
London Necropolis Railway Station has been Grade II listed since 1989
mylondon | UK | 7 hrs ago
Cyclist dies after being hit by a lorry in East London
He died at the scene
mylondon | UK | 7 hrs ago
Covid-19: Military to assist NI hospitals in Covid-19 fight
The health minister asks the Ministry of Defence to help out, primarily at a number of hospitals.
bbc | UK | 7 hrs ago
Government claims for rejecting EU offer to save visa-free tours rubbished by musicians’ group
Caroline Dinenage under fire for string of shaky explanations for throwing out a deal - when she faced angry MPs 
independent | UK | 8 hrs ago
Fears used Covid test swab dumped in New Addington will spread the disease
A Covid testing kit was found along with a blue plastic apron and a rapid testing kit box
mylondon | UK | 8 hrs ago
Teen avoids jail after carrying decommissioned grenade through Heathrow security
Italian national Domenico Giovinazzo, 19, was given two months’ suspended sentence
mylondon | UK | 8 hrs ago
Johnson has ‘full confidence’ in Patel despite clash over pandemic border closures
Prime minister refuses to tell MPs why he overruled home secretary
independent | UK | 8 hrs ago
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