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Social media manipulation and misinformation is more rampant than ever. Reddit mod Robert Peck explains how scammer/propaganda/bot accounts operate and how to spot them.
Banishing zombies and tracking down Russia propaganda—on the front lines with the social site’s volunteer army.
reddit | Technology | 51 mins ago
A new earthquake warning system comes to California, powered by Google
Android phones will be used to sense earthquakes around the world and may one day be able to provide global warnings.
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
TikTok found to have tracked Android users’ MAC addresses until late last year
Until late last year social video app TikTok was using an extra layer of encryption to conceal a tactic for tracking Android users via the MAC address of their device, which skirted Google’s policies and did not allow users to opt out, The Wall Str ...
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
reVoLTR attack can decrypt 4G LTE calls to eavesdrop on conversations
Academics detail a new attack on 4G encrypted calls. Attack works only when the attacker is on the same base station (mobile tower) as the victim.
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
UK court says face recognition violates human rights
LONDON (AP) — The use of facial recognition technology by British police has violated human rights and data protection laws, a court said Tuesday, in a decision praised as a victory against...
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
After Years of “Silencing, Repression, and Retaliation” at This Software Company, Workers Decided to Organize
At Epic Systems, a Wisconsin-based software company, workers had complaints that will be familiar to many workers across the United States: an oppressive culture of surveillance and control, executives pushing to end their pandemic-induced working f ...
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
The Junk Science Cops Use to Decide You’re Lying
Leaked documents detail law enforcement trainings in lie detection techniques that have been discredited by scientists.
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
Prosecutors can force defendants to give up cellphone passcodes, NJ Supreme Court rules
The court narrowly sided with prosecutors seeking to force a former Essex County sheriff's officer to grant access to his phone's data.
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
Uber CEO says company will shut down in California if forced to make drivers full-time employees
independent | Technology | 2 hrs ago
All Android Phones Will Now Serve as Earthquake Detectors
Google's new Earthquake Alerts System will turn every Android phone into a mini seismometer, creating a worldwide earthquake detection network.
reddit | Technology | 3 hrs ago
The Guardian view on artificial intelligence's revolution: learning but not as we know it | Editorial
Editorial: GPT-3, the software behind the world’s best non-human writer, is a giant step forward for machines. What about humanity?
theguardian | Technology | 3 hrs ago
Uber Would Pause Ride-Hailing In California If Drivers Become Employees, CEO Says
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said Wednesday that the ride-hailing service would be forced to temporarily halt California operations for several months if it’s forced to reclassify drivers as employees.
reddit | Technology | 3 hrs ago
Qualcomm handed a huge win as US court overturns the ‘no-license, no-chips’ antitrust ruling
"No-license, no chips" can continue.
reddit | Technology | 3 hrs ago
70% of Surveyed Americans Say: We Can’t Do Our Jobs Without a Home Internet Connection
We asked 950 currently employed Americans whether or not their jobs required a home internet connection. Here's what we found: Quick Facts Most currently employed Americans (over 71.5%) say they could not perform their jobs without a home internet c ...
reddit | Technology | 4 hrs ago
Coronavirus: England's contact-tracing app gets green light for trial
Public tests are set to start on Thursday, but concerns remain about how accurately distance is measured.
bbc | Technology | 4 hrs ago
Millions of Android phones are vulnerable to a Snapdragon security flaw
Fixes are on the way, but it could affect a large portion of the Android community.
reddit | Technology | 4 hrs ago
Uber CEO says its service will probably shut down temporarily in California if it's forced to classify drivers as employees
If the appeal doesn't work out for Uber, it will be banking on voters to determine its fate in voting on on Proposition 22 in November.
reddit | Technology | 5 hrs ago
Scientists Turn Normal Red Bricks into Electricity-Storing Supercapacitors
“We have created a new brick that can be incorporated into your house that has the functionality of storing electrical energy.”
reddit | Technology | 5 hrs ago
Facebook blames coronavirus for failure to remove child nudity from Instagram
Tech giant says it was able to remove 7 million pieces of content containing harmful Covid-19 misinformation
independent | Technology | 5 hrs ago
Instagram could face up up to $500 billion in fines in class-action lawsuit alleging it illegally harvested biometric data
Last month, Facebook offered $650 million to settle a similar lawsuit claiming it collected biometric data without users' consent.
reddit | Technology | 5 hrs ago
Scientists find distant galaxy surprisingly similar to our own – and it is further away than any before
independent | Technology | 5 hrs ago
New internet performance data shows urban speeds improving while rural speeds plateau
Latest Internet Performance Test data from CIRA shows that a significant digital divide persists in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.
reddit | Technology | 6 hrs ago
Instagram Accused of Illegally Harvesting Biometric Data
Facebook, owner of Instagram, is facing a lawsuit over allegedly harvesting the biometric data of users, according to Bloomberg. Last...
reddit | Technology | 6 hrs ago
Foxconn Says China's 'Days as the World's Factory Are Done'
The ongoing trade war with the US has forced the iPhone maker to shift more of its manufacturing out of China.
reddit | Technology | 6 hrs ago
China hires over 100 TSMC engineers in push for chip leadership
Emerging chipmakers offer lavish pay packages to snap up talent
reddit | Technology | 6 hrs ago