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Global report: Germany reports highest cases since May as Brussels mandates face masks
German outbreaks sparked by holidaymakers returning home; Paris cancels marathon
theguardian | Science | 2 hrs ago
Bushfire scientists call for Australia to set up national fire monitoring agency
Inconsistencies in how fires are measured across the states leads to confusion over how much of the country actually burned, experts say
theguardian | Science | 2 hrs ago
Science Discussion Series: We are experts and researchers who study the challenges that face Black, Indigenous, and people of color in STEM. Let’s discuss!
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reddit | Science | 7 hrs ago
How two coronavirus drugs for cats might help humans fight COVID-19 Preliminary studies suggest treatments meant for felines may hold promise
Scientists are exploring if drugs for a disease caused by a coronavirus that infects only cats might help also people infected with the coronavirus.
reddit | Science | 7 hrs ago
Mauritius oil spill: Rush to pump out oil before ship breaks
The MV Wakashio ran aground on a coral reef on 25 July, and has leaked oil into the ocean.
bbc | Science | 9 hrs ago
Archaeologists able to reconstruct 'day in the life' of prehistoric ancestors half a million years on
'Some of the earliest non-stone tools found in the archaeological record of human evolution' uncovered in Sussex
independent | Science | 11 hrs ago
New dinosaur related to T rex discovered on Isle of Wight
Species roamed planet 115 million years ago, scientists say
independent | Science | 14 hrs ago
Europe's earliest bone tools found in Britain
Archaeologists say they've discovered the earliest known bone tools in Europe.
bbc | Science | 14 hrs ago
Virucidal efficacy of different oral rinses against SARS-CoV-2: Results from cell culture experiments show that commercially available mouthwashes are effective against Sars-Cov-2 could thus help to reduce the viral load and possibly the risk of coronavirus transmission over the short term
Abstract. The ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic creates a significant threat to global health. Recent studies suggested the significance of throat and salivary gland
reddit | Science | 15 hrs ago
Global report: New Zealand begins mass testing as Australia records deadliest day
New Zealand to conduct ‘tens of thousands’ of tests; 21 deaths recorded in Australian state of Victoria; US health secretary sceptical of Russia vaccine
theguardian | Science | 15 hrs ago
Vitamin D deficiency as a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19
High prevalence of hypovitaminosis D was found in COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory failure, treated in a RICU. Patients with severe vitamin D deficiency had a significantly higher mortality risk. Severe vitamin D deficiency may be a marker of ...
reddit | Science | 20 hrs ago
Ancient "terror crocodiles" used banana-sized teeth to eat everything in sight, even dinosaurs
The massive beasts could eat even the largest of dinosaurs — putting them at the top of the food chain.
reddit | Science | 21 hrs ago
Scientists have been trying for 30 years to wield gene therapy against cystic fibrosis. Thanks to better vectors and other innovations in delivering genetic sequences, gene-replacement therapies are nearing clinical trials.
After three decades of false starts, gene therapy against the disease is in new clinical trials — and there is even hope of a cure.
reddit | Science | 22 hrs ago
Putin: Russia's Covid-19 vaccine that will grant "sustainable immunity" to the user has been approved for use
Russia's president says the vaccine - named Sputnik-V - has passed checks but experts are sceptical.
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
E-cigarette use may increase susceptibility to Covid-19. Vapers were five times more likely to be diagnosed with Covid-19 than non-vapers according to analysis of 4,351 vapers, smokers and non-users between 13 and 24 years old.
Studies have danced around the effects of vaping on Covid-19. Now we know how vaping has affected Covid-19 risk in young adults.
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Making masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) with hydrophilic surfaces, where droplets of coronavirus spread out and dry faster, could reduce infection risk.
Link to article: Tailoring surface wettability to reduce chances of infection of COVID-19 by a respiratory droplet and to improve the effectiveness of personal protection equipment DOI: …
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Pandemics throughout history
Epidemics of infectious diseases spread around the world even in the time long before the rapid migrations and international traffic as we know them today.
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Number of US Patients With Newly Identified Cancers Falls 46.4% During the COVID-19 Pandemic
This cross-sectional study examines changes in the number of patients with newly identified cancer before and during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in the United States.
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Relationships between cognitive abilities and prosocial behavior are entirely explained by shared genetic influences: A Nigerian twin study
The relationship between prosocial behavior (PB) and cognitive abilities has been well documented. This study explored genetic and environmental overl…
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Small talk with coworkers in the break room and pleasantries exchanged with office staff are more meaningful than you might think, according to an Academy of Management Journal article. The researchers show that even though chitchat is superficial, “it’s about building culture and collaboration.”
The researchers show that even though chitchat is superficial, “it’s about building culture and collaboration.”
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
A physicist from the U.K. predicts that we're on the precipice of a "information catastrophe" caused by a new, fifth state of matter: information. If his theory is proven correct, this could mean that pure information alone could equal half Earth's weight by 2245.
A physicist from the U.K. has predicted that the total amount of information created on Earth will surpass the planet's number of atoms in just a few centuries.
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Bifocal contact lenses aren’t just for aging eyes anymore. In nearsighted kids as young as 7 years old, multifocal contact lenses with a heavy dose of added reading power can dramatically slow further progression of myopia, new research has found.
Bifocal contact lenses aren’t just for aging eyes anymore. In nearsighted kids as young as 7 years old, multifocal contact lenses with a heavy dose of added reading power can dramatically slow further progression of myopia, new research has found. ...
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Scientists are using sunflowers to clean up nuclear radiation
After the Hiroshima, Fukushima, and Chernobyl nuclear disasters, fields of sunflowers were planted across the affected landscapes to help absorb toxic metals and radiation from the soil. New research now suggests that sunflowers (Helianthus) might b ...
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20
Vaping makes young people up to seven times more likely to get coronavirus, study finds
‘Teens and young adults need to know that if you use e-cigarettes, you are likely at immediate risk of Covid-19 because you are damaging your lungs,’ researcher says
independent | Science | 11th Aug '20
Perseid meteor shower 2020: When, where and how to see it
The bright Perseids are perhaps the most popular meteor shower of the year.
reddit | Science | 11th Aug '20