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Trump support predicted intentions to defy social distancing norms during early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak. Faith in Trump and faith in his COVID-specific positions were associated with intentions to defy social distancing norms, even after accounting for typical criminological predictors
Support for President Donald Trump is linked to intentions to defy social distancing guidelines meant to slow the spread of COVID-19, according to new ...
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Conservative and liberal attitudes drive polarized neural responses to political content. The findings underscore that multiple factors, including personal experiences and the news media, contribute to what the researchers call "neural polarization."
Partisan biases in processing political information contribute to rising divisions in society. How do such biases arise in the brain? We measured the neural activity of participants watching videos related to immigration policy. Despite watching the ...
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How research on working memory can improve your romantic relationship. Findings suggest that one way that romantic partners might better resolve their disputes is simply to pay better attention to each other when discussing problems
A cognitive factor helps explain how well we understand each other
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New imaging (cryo-EM) technique reveals ‘glycan shield’ on HIV that allows for immune evasion and antibody resistance.
The HIV-1 Env “glycan shield” masks the surface of the protein from immune recognition, yet intrinsic heterogeneity defies a typical structure–function description. Using an integrated approach of cryo-EM, computational modeling, and mass spect ...
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Scientists discover a fourth salivary gland
If confirmed, these glands could be the first of their kind discovered in about 300 years. Modern anatomy books show only three types of salivary glands, a set near the ears, another below the jaw and a third under the tongue
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Global report: Spain declares Covid state of emergency as Italians urged to stay home
Madrid government imposes nationwide curfew after country hits 1m cases
theguardian | Science | 5 hrs ago
US comes close to setting daily record again for new coronavirus cases
83,718 new cases were reported on Saturday, nearly matching 83,757 new cases on Friday
theguardian | Science | 7 hrs ago
COVID-19 study: Meaning in life and self-control protect against stress. Following lockdown scientists registered both increasing crises of meaning and more severe psychological distress as well as a diminished sense of meaning in life and a deficiency in self-control
During the Corona crisis mental distress increased substantially. What helps people get through this time well? The psychologists Tatjana Schnell from the University of Innsbruck and Henning Krampe from the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin have ...
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'Murder hornet': First nest found in US eradicated with vacuum hose
The Asian giant hornets can wipe out a colony of honeybees in hours.
bbc | Science | 10 hrs ago
COVID pandemic's long-term effects. The U.S. is not becoming a more kind, empathetic or compassionate country due to the pandemic. Scientists analyzed 90 research studies to evaluate Americans' reaction to the pandemic and predict the pandemic's aftermath.
The longer COVID-19 continues, the more entrenched these psychological, social and societal changes are likely to be, the study authors suggest.
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‘Mini-lungs’ reveal early stages of SARS-CoV-2 infection: virus reaches full cellular infection 6 hours after infection. 60 hours after infection, alveolar cells disintegrate, leading to damage to lung tissue. But clinical symptoms can take more than 10 days after exposure to appear.
‘Mini-lungs’ grown from tissue donated to Cambridge hospitals has provided a team of scientists from South Korea and the UK with important insights into how
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Fasting Drives Nrf2-Related Antioxidant Response in Skeletal Muscle
A common metabolic condition for living organisms is starvation/fasting, a state that could play systemic-beneficial roles. Complex adaptive responses are activated during fasting to help the organism to maintain energy homeostasis and avoid nutrient ...
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Having higher levels of physical fitness - measured up to 4 years prior to the coronavirus pandemic - is associated with lower risk of hospitalisation when these people happened to get COVID-19.
To investigate the relationship between maximal exercise capacity measured before severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infecti…
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U.S. counties with more social connections with the two countries most severely affected by COVID-19 early on, Italy and China, comply significantly more with mobility restrictions imposed by local governments.
We study the role of social connections in U.S. households’ compliance with mobility restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, using aggregated and anonymized Facebook data on social connections and mobile phone data for measuring ...
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Lithium-ion capacitor based on nanoarchitectured polydopamine/graphene composite anode and porous graphene cathode
Developing lithium ion capacitors (LICs) with high energy density is still challenging, due to the kinetic mismatch between the capacitor-type cathode…
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Twenty years of the International Space Station – but was it worth it?
Has the ISS benefited society? Scientists are divided: for some, it’s a beacon of unity; for others, just a set for an action film
theguardian | Science | 12 hrs ago
How CCBC's 'Dr Xand' learned surviving Covid isn't child's play
TV presenter and medic tells of his own illness, government failures and how to win over the anti-vaxxers
theguardian | Science | 13 hrs ago
Carry On Coronavirus: why a vaccine trial has saucy potential | Tim Adams
Their counterparts in the Common Cold Unit found ways to flirt despite the social distancing measures they lived under
theguardian | Science | 14 hrs ago
Farewell James Randi, prince of reason. Now who’ll mock the quacks and anti-vaxxers? | Catherine Bennett
The great magician dedicated his later years to exposing all forms of fake science
theguardian | Science | 14 hrs ago
Rush for results could lead to inferior Covid vaccine, say scientists
Push to roll out injections may see elderly miss out on effective coronavirus inoculations
theguardian | Science | 15 hrs ago
NAD+ Binds to and Inhibits a Protein that Promotes Degeneration of Neurons
Investigators propose that a newly revealed nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) binding site of Sarm1 may be a promising drug target.
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A quick Chest X-ray of COVID-19 patients predicts time to critical illness, independent of underlying conditions
The 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) results in a wide range of clinical severity and there remains a need for prognostic tools which identify patients at risk of rapid deterioration and who require critical care. Chest radiography (CXR) is routinely obta ...
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Down syndrome associated with 10-fold increased risk for COVID-19 mortality
People with Down syndrome were more likely than those without the disorder to be hospitalized and die from COVID-19-related complications, according to a new report published in Annals of Internal Medicine.
reddit | Science | 22 hrs ago
Study: Men are more likely than women to perceive face masks as infringing on their freedom
Men and women are equally likely to wear face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research. But the study, published in the journal ...
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Seawater generally freezes below –1.85 °C, but the icy waters around Antarctica can remain liquid even below that temperature. The subsurface melting of ice shelves can generate supercooled water, as can sea-ice formation. But the extent of supercooling around Antarctica has been unknown.
Elephant seals help to show that tongues of ultra-frigid seawater are relatively common in the Southern Ocean.
reddit | Science | 24th Oct '20