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Newly discovered positive feedback: Warming causes salts in Arctic water to migrate into ocean floor methane-storing sediments, increasing their emissions
Destabilization of intrapermafrost gas hydrate is one possible reason for methane emission on the Arctic shelf. The formation of these intrapermafrost gas hydrates could occur almost simultaneously with the permafrost sediments due to the occurrence ...
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Analysis of 30,000 terrestrial vertebrates shows 515 species (1.7%) now have <1,000 individuals left in the wild. Human activity is driving much of that destruction, particularly people encroaching upon places rich in biodiversity, like tropical and subtropical regions.
Nearly 2 percent of terrestrial vertebrate animals have populations smaller than 1,000, a new study finds. Researchers say drastic conservation is needed.
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Thousands of Species Are Fleeing to Earth's Poles en Masse, And a Pattern's Emerging
We know that global warming is forcing many animals around the world to flee their normal habitats, but now, an exhaustive analysis has shown marine species are booking it for the poles six times faster than those on land.
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First study of COVID-19 patients with diabetes shows that 10% die within seven days of hospital admission and two thirds are men.
Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) is a life-threatening infection caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus. Diabetes has rapidly emerged as a major comorbidity for COVID-19 severity. However, the phenotypic c ...
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Strong evidence for the presence of exotic quark matter inside the cores of the largest neutron stars in existence. The conclusion was reached by combining recent results from theoretical particle and nuclear physics to measurements of gravitational waves from neutron star collisions.
A Finnish research group has found strong evidence for the presence of exotic quark matter inside the cores of the largest neutron stars in existence.
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Genetic research offers insight into rise of first cities. It reveals how a high level of human movement in Asia not only led to the spread of ideas and material culture but to a more genetically connected society well before the rise of cities, not the other way around, as previously thought.
Genomic analysis shows long-term genetic mixing in West Asia before the rise of the world’s first cities
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Researchers discover estrogen can make drinking alcohol more rewarding to female mice over males. Meanwhile, reducing certain estrogen receptors in the brain can diminish binge drinking behavior in female — and not male — mice. This study may explain why men and women experience alcohol differently.
Women and men drink and suffer the consequences of excess alcohol differently. New research in mice helps explain why.
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Assessing the Big Five personality traits using real-life static facial images
ou already know that humans judge each other’s actions and personality using facial expressions. But did you know that these judgments had a say even
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Mass extinction millions of years ago may have been caused by climate change damaging ozone layer, study says
Findings a ‘serious warning’ over current fight against global warming, researchers say
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Material scientists have designed patches for shoes that give them 20 to 35 percent more grip than typical sneakers or boots. This technology uses the ancient art of Japanese paper cutting, kirigami, and can be applied to everything from basketball sneakers to orthopedic shoes.
Material scientists from Harvard University have designed animal-inspired strips for shoes that can provide claw-like grip of slippery surfaces.
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Controls on surface water carbonate chemistry along North American ocean margins: Study shows a staggering visualization of how ocean acidification is changing the chemistry of the US coasts
Anthropogenic CO2 is acidifying the ocean, but knowledge of the carbonate properties underlying these dynamics in coastal oceans is lacking. Here, the authors reveal spatial distribution patterns and variability in carbonate chemistry along North Ame ...
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New study of the Atlanta area finds that landscape design in school districts (for plants & water features) are strongly associated with students' academic performance. Oddly enough, water and plant features correlate with performance in different subject areas.
Request PDF | On May 1, 2020, Meimei Lin and others published Impacts of urban landscapes on students’ academic performance | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
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Scientists explain why stress can age you on a cellular level
An increased understanding of how states like stress physically affect the body can eventually lead to better mental health treatments.
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Stranger harassment/street harassment, is associated with posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in women. Stranger harassment was also associated with increased self-blame, shame, taking rape precautions, fear of men, and safety concerns, which in turn were all related to PTSD symptom severity.
Stranger harassment is a prevalent experience for many women but is often trivialized as a social problem (Kearl 2014; Vera-Gray 2016). As a result, there is a lack of knowledge related to understanding women’s lived experiences of stranger harassm ...
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No difference found in men's preference for physically attractive women and women's preference for high-income men in countries with greater gender equality, University of Glasgow research shows.
Subscription and open access journals from SAGE Publishing, the world's leading independent academic publisher.
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False news stories are 70% more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than true ones -- and people, not bots, appear to be to blame
There is worldwide concern over false news and the possibility that it can influence political, economic, and social well-being. To understand how false news spreads, Vosoughi et al. used a data set of rumor cascades on Twitter from 2006 to 2017. Abo ...
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Men and Women Misperceive What the Opposite Sex Finds Attractive. Women overestimated men's preference for thinness in female partners. At the same time, men overestimated women's preference for muscularity in male partners.
What body type does the opposite sex find attractive? It's a question that frustrates a great many young, heterosexual people and fuels their actions. In Western countries, stereotypes and media...
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Music helps to build the brains of very premature babies. Researchers demonstrate how music specially composed for premature infants strengthens the development of their brain networks and could limit the neurodevelopmental delays that often affect these children.
​​​​​ Swiss scientists have reported positive effects of tailor-made music on developing neural networks of premature babies.
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Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Created A Hydrothermal Province Nine Times The Size Of Yellowstone: A large team of researchers describe a system where hot volcanic fluids circulated to a depth of at least 700 meters
The ~180-km-diameter Chicxulub peak-ring crater and ~240-km multiring basin, produced by the impact that terminated the Cretaceous, is the largest remaining intact impact basin on Earth. International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and International ...
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Pancreatic cancer cells ‘completely blocked’ at Cellular level: CRISPR-mediated genomic editing reduces overall ISGylation, impairing self-renewal of Pancreatic Cancer stem cells and their in-vivo tumorigenic capacity.
The ubiquitin-like modifier ISG15 exerts post-translational protein regulation through ISGylation. Here, the authors show that ISGylation is necessary for pancreatic cancer stem cell self-renewal and tumourigenesis by supporting the recycling of non- ...
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BCG-induced trained immunity: findings suggest that the induction of trained immunity by BCG vaccination results in significant protection against multiple viral infections, including SARS-coV-2.
Could the BCG vaccine be used to bridge the gap until a specific COVID-19 vaccine is developed? Luke O’Neill and Mihai Netea discuss the science behind this approach.
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K number: what is coronavirus metric that could be crucial as lockdown eases
The K value sheds light on how the transmission rate varies and can help identify clusters
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Prosociality influences vaccination behavior: A study of polio resurgence in Israel suggests that communication of prosocial health outcomes could allay fears about vaccine risks.
An individual’s decision to vaccinate can be motivated by both self-interest and prosociality, making it difficult to delineate the contribution of prosociality to vaccination uptake. A silent polio epidemic in Israel in which the primary purpose o ...
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Millions in UK miss cancer screenings, tests and treatments due to Covid-19
More than 24,000 cases of cancer have gone undiagnosed according to Cancer Research UK
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A massive genome-sequencing and analysis effort has produced the most comprehensive sets of data and tools for understanding human genetic variation so far. The resource will be invaluable to biologists of every stripe.
A catalogue of genetic variation in humans.
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