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Steve Bell on the UK economy plunging into deep recession — cartoon
Britain has entered the deepest recession since records began as official figures on Wednesday showed the economy shrank by more than any other major nation during the coronavirus outbreak in the three months to June
theguardian | Politics | 1 hrs ago
The Guardian view on chaotic government: no more excuses | Editorial
Editorial: The scale of the coronavirus challenge meant mistakes were inevitable, but failure to learn from those mistakes is unforgivable
theguardian | Politics | 2 hrs ago
Cross-Channel migrants flown back to France and Germany
Migrants who made dangerous crossings from northern France to come to Britain were removed today in the first of what ministers hope will become a regular practice for those who have arrived in recent
reddit | Politics | 2 hrs ago
Coronavirus: UK death toll falls by 5,377 as government changes way fatalities are counted in England
England will join the rest of the UK and disregard a COVID-19 diagnosis if the death occurs 28 days after the test.
reddit | Politics | 2 hrs ago
The UN set a target for donor countries to contribute 0.7% of their GDP on foreign aid. Britain is the only member of the G7 to meet the target.
Merging of DfID with the Foreign Office could trigger changes in UK aid spending
reddit | Politics | 3 hrs ago
A few thousand boat people isn’t a crisis
For most of the time since the pandemic began Nigel Farage has been just an old ham in search of a role. Brexit is happening, Britain has formally left the EU, and the party of which he is still
reddit | Politics | 3 hrs ago
Tory MP slammed for ‘mocking flooding’ as train derails in his constituency
Andrew Bowie made a joke about people tweeting about the flooding rather than US politics.
reddit | Politics | 3 hrs ago
Priti Patel 'minded' to decriminalise sales of 'poppers' drug
The home secretary says the "uncertain" law on the drug - often used by gay men during sex - may change.
bbc | Politics | 3 hrs ago
UK Government blows off MSPs 36 minutes before power grab meeting starts
THE UK Government has finally confirmed it will not attend a Holyrood evidence-taking session on its post-Brexit power grab plan … just half an…
reddit | Politics | 3 hrs ago
Who will speak up against the demonisation of migrants? | Owen Jones
The Tories are getting a free pass to scapegoat the most vulnerable, helping them distract from their Covid failures, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones
theguardian | Politics | 4 hrs ago
New Zealand 'frustrated' over UK trade talks, says deputy PM
Deputy PM Winston Peters says the UK's EU membership has not left it "match fit" to strike a deal.
bbc | Politics | 4 hrs ago
Minority successfully pushing back against green recovery, shows YouGov poll
New research by YouGov is illustrating the strength of the motoring lobby against a green recovery and more infrastructure to encourage active travel.
reddit | Politics | 5 hrs ago
The dangerous legacy of the Cummings affair
When I began several weeks ago to quiz scientists about Dominic Cummings’ Durham trip for my Radio 4 programme on how science and policy have interacted during the Covid-19 pandemic, I felt I might be raking over the ashes. Had we finally moved on, ...
reddit | Politics | 5 hrs ago
Liz Truss’s post-Brexit stilton deal with Japan will not ‘make Britain grate again’ | Rick Burin
There’s nothing wrong with being proud of our national dishes, but focusing on cheese makes us look ridiculous, says writer Rick Burin
theguardian | Politics | 5 hrs ago
UK economy suffers worst slump in Europe in second quarter | Historic recession as quarterly output collapses 20% despite sharp recovery in June
Historic recession as quarterly output collapses 20% despite sharp recovery in June
reddit | Politics | 6 hrs ago
I know how soul-crushing the A-level fiasco will be for disadvantaged pupils | Nadia Khomami
Ditching predicted grades once and for all is essential to give more of us a fighting chance, says Guardian assistant news editor Nadia Khomami
theguardian | Politics | 6 hrs ago
Unionist parties seem to have given up the fight to keep the UK together - Ifan Morgan Jones
Ifan Morgan Jones It recently dawned on me that the reason why Scottish independence now feels so inevitable is that the Unionist parties no longer seem bothered to make the effort required to stop it from happening. It’s difficult to come to any o ...
reddit | Politics | 7 hrs ago
The government is looking the other way while Britain's rivers die before our eyes | Rivers
Across the UK, once thriving waterways are being wiped out by farming and water companies, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot
reddit | Politics | 8 hrs ago
Top Scotland Yard official backs officers who stopped MP Dawn Butler
A top Metropolitan Police official has defended officers who stopped a car in which Labour MP Dawn Butler was travelling. 
reddit | Politics | 8 hrs ago
The refugee crisis is fake. The culture war isn't | Ian Dunt
From Farage, to Patel, to the media pack - nationalism is transferred into the mainstream.
reddit | Politics | 8 hrs ago
Scotland exam results: John Swinney insists U-turn was not about saving his job
The education secretary says he was motivated by pupils' concerns rather than the prospect of losing a confidence vote.
bbc | Politics | 8 hrs ago
Why is UK's trade deal with Japan being held up by cheese? Theo Usherwood explains
The UK's negotiations over a trade deal with Japan have hit a stumbling block - and it's all because of cheese, Theo Usherwood explains.
reddit | Politics | 10 hrs ago
Move to make online political campaigning more transparent
Campaigners give guarded welcome to government plans for digital imprints
reddit | Politics | 11 hrs ago
The UK suffers the worst recession of any G7 country - Britain has now recorded the largest fall in GDP of any major country as well as the highest excess death rate in Europe
The UK’s performance during the Covid-19 crisis has been confirmed as world-beating – but in the worst sense possible. Today’s release from the Office for National Statistics shows not only that Britain has entered the deepest recession in its ...
reddit | Politics | 11 hrs ago
The PPE debacle shows what Britain is built on: rentier capitalism | Brett Christophers
The distribution of assets, and the government’s role in it, drives the UK economy. The latest example shouldn’t surprise us, says economics expert Brett Christophers
theguardian | Politics | 12 hrs ago