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No more Mr Muscle: the activists championing body confidence for men
Body image issues are rising fast among men. But positivity campaigners are raising the profile of men of all shapes and sizes
theguardian | Health | 10 hrs ago
'Cycling capital of death': Bogotá bikers battle violence on city's streets
Cycling is thriving in Colombia amid the pandemic but riders are taking self-defence courses to deal with aggressive drivers
theguardian | Health | 11 hrs ago
I’m secretly dating a reformed sex offender. Is it a terrible idea? | Dear Mariella
Forgiveness is important – but there’s something missing from your story, says Mariella Frostrup. One of you is not being entirely honest
theguardian | Health | 16 hrs ago
Let me finish: how to stop interrupting… and change the world
We are all guilty of interrupting – but if we just stopped and listened, argues Nancy Kline, we could radically change the way we live…
theguardian | Health | 24th Oct '20
How to stop being a people pleaser
Do you find it hard to say no? Are you always trying to second guess what someone else wants you to do? It’s time you learned to stop being so eager to please
theguardian | Health | 24th Oct '20
Fit in my 40s: trampoline circuits are fast, fun, and flipping hard work | Zoe Williams
The unstable surface forces you to concentrate, so you notice your exhaustion less. It is a wildly good workout
theguardian | Health | 24th Oct '20
I want to move back to the UK. How can I convince my husband to give it a try? | Annalisa Barbieri
You both need to say how you really feel – and be heard, says Annalisa Barbieri. Only then can you work out what happens next
theguardian | Health | 23rd Oct '20
I'm all for positive thinking, but my brave face is starting to slip | Coco Khan
Seven months into lockdown, it’s impossible to trick the mind into thinking things aren’t rubbish when they patently are
theguardian | Health | 23rd Oct '20
Covid: US gives full approval for antiviral remdesivir drug
The drug will be given to patients in hospitals, but the UN health agency says it has little effect.
bbc | Health | 22nd Oct '20
Covid: Sewage sites to test for traces of virus
The aim is to create an early warning system to detect local outbreaks before they spread.
bbc | Health | 22nd Oct '20
Lockdown made life worse for two in five children, NHS report says
Their biggest anxieties were about missing school and family and friends contracting Covid-19.
bbc | Health | 22nd Oct '20
CQC report: Care of people with learning disabilities 'inhumane'
Physical restraint is part of the culture in some specialist hospitals, a care regulator finds.
bbc | Health | 22nd Oct '20
Covid: UK on course for 'tens of thousands' more deaths
A government adviser gave MPs his view during evidence on lessons learned from the pandemic.
bbc | Health | 21st Oct '20
Covid: Lockdown had 'major impact' on mental health
Lockdowns may have "profound and long-lasting" effects on mental health, researchers are warning.
bbc | Health | 21st Oct '20
I’m 55 with herpes and low confidence – how can I have a healthy sex life?
I’ve had a string of failed relationships and I’ve been devastated by an ex-partner’s revelation and an STI diagnosis. I can’t imagine anyone would want to sleep with me again
theguardian | Health | 21st Oct '20
Chris Hoy: 'I had no natural ability as a cyclist!'
The Olympic hero has written Be Amazing, an inspirational book for children that reveals how they too can be champions, with help from Stoic philosophy, sports psychology – and Beyoncé
theguardian | Health | 20th Oct '20
Covid: Burn-out fears of 'exhausted' unpaid carers
Many of those looking after vulnerable relatives or friends wonder how they will cope this winter.
bbc | Health | 20th Oct '20
UK plan to be first to run human challenge Covid trials
Work is underway to start trials in January where volunteers will be deliberately exposed to the virus.
bbc | Health | 20th Oct '20
'We had more than 60 calls from test-and-trace'
One family in London say they received scores of long, repetitive calls from contact tracers.
bbc | Health | 20th Oct '20
'At 47, I discovered I am autistic – suddenly so many things made sense'
Other people’s lives always seemed more effortless, but it took my daughter’s autism diagnosis to realise why
theguardian | Health | 19th Oct '20
Deaths at home: More than 26,000 extra this year, ONS finds
Far more people are dying at home in England and Wales than normal from heart disease and dementia.
bbc | Health | 19th Oct '20
Covid: England boosting plasma stocks for patients
Fourteen new donation centres are to open around the country in November and December.
bbc | Health | 19th Oct '20
Could cold water hold a clue to a dementia cure?
Swimmers at a London lido aid understanding of what cold does to the body.
bbc | Health | 19th Oct '20
Want a bicycle by Christmas? 'If you leave it till December there will be no stock'
Australians are usually able to walk into a store on Christmas eve and walk out wheeling a bike – but that’s certainly not the case this year
theguardian | Health | 18th Oct '20
Physiotherapists on the functional exercises everyone should do from home (and they do themselves)
Regular strength training can help prevent injury – and you don’t have to leave your house to do it. Four physios share their go-to moves
theguardian | Health | 18th Oct '20