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Coronavirus: Exposure rate 'similar' in London and Stockholm
Antibody tests suggest similar exposure to the virus in the two capitals, despite different strategies.
bbc | Health | 19 hrs ago
I’m new to sex and have yet to really enjoy it. Am I broken?
I’ve slept with four men and have been unable to reach orgasm or get any pleasure. Now I feel as if I can’t do anything right
theguardian | Health | 11th Aug '20
'A Hinge date saved my life' and other cancer dating stories
Dating during lockdown is hard enough in 2020, but how do you deal with it when cancer is in the mix too?
bbc | Health | 11th Aug '20
How Louis Theroux’s power nap plan could transform our working lives
The documentary maker says his utopian society would include sleep booths at the office. Turns out many companies have already installed them
theguardian | Health | 10th Aug '20
Nursing apprenticeship funding gets £172m boost
Ministers want nursing jobs in England to be more accessible, but a union says the plan falls short.
bbc | Health | 10th Aug '20
Coronavirus in Scotland: Care home residents to be allowed more visitors
Residents will be allowed up to three outdoor visitors at a time from Monday, ministers announce.
bbc | Health | 10th Aug '20
Coronavirus: Is the world winning the pandemic fight?
Covid-19 has changed the world - are we winning or is the virus still taking hold, and when will it end?
bbc | Health | 9th Aug '20
Up the creek … with 19,000 paddles as UK takes to the water
Thousands turn to rivers and canals for exercise, fresh air and easy social distancing
theguardian | Health | 9th Aug '20
My girlfriend has slept with 100 men – I’m worried about fidelity | Dear Mariella
You know her cravings come from the loss of her father, says Mariella Frostrup. But understanding what you want from this relationship must be your priority
theguardian | Health | 9th Aug '20
Listen to your migraine to help you feel better – and to learn about yourself
Headaches are telling you something about how your brain works with your body, influencing your behaviour and feelings
theguardian | Health | 8th Aug '20
Pedal power: UK bike co-ops help cyclists get back in the saddle
Traditional shops are overloaded but there are alternatives – and some take £50 repair vouchers, too
theguardian | Health | 8th Aug '20
Fit in my 40s: I thought I could use YouTube to learn skateboarding. I was wrong | Zoe Williams
You’re not going to kickflip immediately, but after weeks of practice, you’ll certainly have better abs
theguardian | Health | 8th Aug '20
Nurses and NHS staff protest over pay rise 'snub'
A thousand people are expected to march in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and Merthyr over nurses' pay.
bbc | Health | 7th Aug '20
Coronavirus: Cancer survivor calls mammogram refusal 'ageist'
Janet Wilkie criticises the suspension of breast screenings for the over 70s due to the pandemic.
bbc | Health | 7th Aug '20
I feel ashamed that my marriage is over: how can I tell our young son?
Children pick up on undercurrents, says Annalisa Barbieri. Look at this as a new chapter, but be clear in agreeing boundaries
theguardian | Health | 7th Aug '20
My son left his pregnant girlfriend, after she stuck by him in prison. Can I get over the shame?
When she got pregnant, he became more self-centred. I feel devastated by his behaviour and heartbroken for her and my grandson
theguardian | Health | 7th Aug '20
Separated twins' parents thank Colchester nurses for pictures
The premature babies were treated in hospitals 60 miles apart but an app kept their parents updated.
bbc | Health | 7th Aug '20
Coronavirus: Asymptomatic cases 'carry same amount of virus'
But the South Korean study couldn't say how much this group actually passed coronavirus on.
bbc | Health | 7th Aug '20
Hydroxychloroquine being 'discarded prematurely', say scientists
Clinicians from global study say controversy around the drug is stopping them completing their study.
bbc | Health | 6th Aug '20
Malaria in Africa: Parasite 'resistant to artemisinin'
Scientists in Rwanda find cases of resistance to artemisinin, a frontline drug used to treat malaria.
bbc | Health | 6th Aug '20
Autism in children: 'Many families face council discrimination'
Dozens of English councils discriminate against children with autism, legal experts say.
bbc | Health | 5th Aug '20
Chronic pain: Antidepressants not painkillers recommended
Guidelines recommends not using common painkillers for long-term pain
bbc | Health | 4th Aug '20
I’m bisexual – but worry I'm not as attracted to men as I am to women
I’d feel there was something missing in a long-term heterosexual relationship, but am concerned I am not attracted enough to men to have a monogamous gay relationship
theguardian | Health | 4th Aug '20
Greetings! walkers, cyclists and dogs are all welcome at this Scarborough hotel
A hotel with a hostel vibe, Bike & Boot is geared up for those who love the great outdoors, though actually there’s little lycra on show
theguardian | Health | 4th Aug '20
My elderly mother is housebound. But I hate caring for her | Dear Mariella
You must get help urgently both to deal with your resentment and to care for your possibly autistic mother, says Mariella Frostrup
theguardian | Health | 2nd Aug '20