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Lennie Niehaus, Alto Saxophonist and Frequent Clint Eastwood Collaborator, Dies at 90
His résumé includes 'Bird,' 'The Unforgiven,' 'The Bridges of Madison County' and an Emmy Award.
reddit | Entertainment | 1 hrs ago
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Donate $200K to NAACP Amid George Floyd Protests
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have donated $200,000 to the National Association of Colored People (NAACP) Legal Defense Fund in the wake of protests taking place across the U.S. following the death of George Floyd.
reddit | Entertainment | 4 hrs ago
Theatrical 90-Day Window Is History As Leverage Tilts To Studios
Studios look set to gain the upper hand in skirmishes with exhibition over windowing as trends during the COVID-19 pandemic extend into the future with mid-range films generating the $50-$100 milli…
reddit | Entertainment | 5 hrs ago
Thomas Middleditch, Star of HBO's "Silicon Valley", Divorces from Wife After Revealing Their Open Marriage
'Silicon Valley' star Thomas Middleditch and his wife, Mollie Gates, have split after four years of marriage — details
reddit | Entertainment | 7 hrs ago
Ashley Banjo: 'I looked at George Floyd and I saw my dad'
Diversity's Ashley Banjo reflects on the death of George Floyd and growing up mixed race in the UK.
bbc | Entertainment | 8 hrs ago
CONSPIRACY USA: Cattle Mutilation in Popular Media, Pt. 1
“Is it ‘saucers, Satanists, or CIA?’: All have received accusing glances as the mutilations investigation has proceeded. The ‘answers’ may lie with any of these—or with all—or with none.” ~ Thomas R. Adams, Project Stigmata, March 197 ...
reddit | Entertainment | 12 hrs ago
George Floyd: Music industry calls for 'blackout' over death
Record labels say they will not release new music this week, as musicians join protests in the US.
bbc | Entertainment | 13 hrs ago
Obituary: Christo Javacheff, the artist who wrapped the world
The artist known as Christo was famous for wrapping huge buildings and entire coastlines in fabric.
bbc | Entertainment | 14 hrs ago
‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks George Floyd Protests, Trump’s Library of Racist Maxims And Importance Voting By Mail
Considering all the brutal events in the past week, John Oliver had a lot to unpack Last Week Tonight. First, he talked about the protests in the wake of the horrific death of George Floyd. He said…
reddit | Entertainment | 16 hrs ago
Coronavirus: How drive-in raves and cinemas will work in the UK
The events industry has new ways to keep us entertained while social distancing is still in place.
bbc | Entertainment | 16 hrs ago
EVANESCENCE's AMY LEE Blasts DONALD TRUMP Over Response To Death Of GEORGE FLOYD: 'I Am Angry, Horrified' And 'Ashamed'
EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee says that she is " angry, horrified" and "ashamed" over the alleged murder of a black man in police custody as well as President Donald Trump's response to the subsequent...
reddit | Entertainment | 18 hrs ago
KSI: 'I wanted to make my parents proud through YouTube'
The YouTuber says his mum and dad initially wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer.
bbc | Entertainment | 22 hrs ago
Dancing On My Own: The story behind Robyn's 2010 'sad banger'
The Swedish singer discusses her pop classic, and how she once became 'tired of the broken heart'.
bbc | Entertainment | 23 hrs ago
'People use us to go to sleep to': Sudoku solvers become internet sensation
Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are watching these men solve Sudoku puzzles.
bbc | Entertainment | 23 hrs ago
YouTube star Jake Paul denies looting Arizona mall during George Floyd protests
Social media personality insists he was protesting after footage emerges of him in looted Scottsdale mall
reddit | Entertainment | 31st May '20
Lady Gaga calls Donald Trump ‘a fool and a racist’ in emotional George Floyd message
‘He is fuelling a system that is already rooted in racism,’ Gaga said
reddit | Entertainment | 31st May '20
'They're gonna arrest us all': 'Insecure' star Kendrick Sampson protests on behalf of George Floyd
The 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Insecure' star took to Instagram on Saturday to show video from marches in the Los Angeles area.
reddit | Entertainment | 31st May '20
Gone With the Wind: Pandemic Threatens to Reduce Movie Theaters to Rubble
If your local movie theater succumbs to the coronavirus crisis, the coming attraction might be a bulldozer.
reddit | Entertainment | 31st May '20
Coronavirus: Independent cinemas unlikely to open before September
An Independent Cinema Office survey found only a quarter of venues planned to open before autumn.
bbc | Entertainment | 31st May '20
Dr. Dre on George Floyd's Death: 'Felt Like That Cop Had His Knee on All of Our Necks.
Dr. Dre joined Lil Wayne to speak about the 'extremely painful' death of George Floyd on Apple Music's Young Money Radio.
reddit | Entertainment | 30th May '20
Coronavirus: The self-isolation choir with worldwide members
This weekend thousands of people will gather as an online choir to perform Handel’s Messiah.
bbc | Entertainment | 30th May '20
Chris Evans says it would be too “risky” to return as Captain America
During a recent interview, actor Chris Evans says it would be too “risky” to return as Captain America. Evans played the role from 2011 to 2019.
reddit | Entertainment | 30th May '20
Obama’s Commencement Blasts 60 Million Views-Five Takeaways
When was the last time any of us watched a commencement address, when we didn’t have to?
reddit | Entertainment | 30th May '20
Igor Levit to play 20-hour Eric Satie piece as 'silent scream'
German-Russian pianist to tackle ‘Vexations’ to highlight plight of artists hit by lockdowns
reddit | Entertainment | 30th May '20
Emilia Clarke, Jessica Chastain to Return for West End Shows
An Emilia Clarke-fronted production of “The Seagull” and the Jessica Chastain-starring “A Doll’s House” have been postponed, though both actors are to return for rescheduled dates. Producer The Jam…
reddit | Entertainment | 30th May '20