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Shock and despair as headteachers in England get first sight of downgraded A-levels
Revolt grows as students prepare for results day, with some schools seeing 50% or more of grades revised down
theguardian | Education | 1 hrs ago
'Really disempowering': students reveal anxieties over A-level results
Moderated results could be a shock – and could create many unhappy families
theguardian | Education | 2 hrs ago
Gavin Williamson's apology to school pupils unlikely to be his last
Tory MPs fear drip, drip of bad headlines after minister’s failure to get to grip with grades issue
theguardian | Education | 3 hrs ago
Exam results: 'Mocks aren't a fair way to decide grades'
A-level student Mia Cleal-Bramley explains why she doesn't want to rely on her mock exam results.
bbc | Education | 3 hrs ago
Scottish universities ask ministers for up to £25m a year to fund extra places
Leaders of universities and colleges are seeking funds from Scottish government to pay for surge in students
theguardian | Education | 4 hrs ago
Exam results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: Q&A
Everything you need to know about the row over A-level and GCSE results
theguardian | Education | 5 hrs ago
Williamson apologises for school and exam disruption
England's Education Secretary Gavin Williamson tells children he is sorry that they have suffered.
bbc | Education | 5 hrs ago
A-Levels in Wales: Changes considered to grading system
It follows major announcements about exam grading systems in other parts of the UK.
bbc | Education | 8 hrs ago
Clearing: universities promise to be flexible on grades for admissions
Students told lower than expected results unlikely to be an issue as universities try to compensate for shortfall in international fees
theguardian | Education | 10 hrs ago
A-level grade appeals in England will benefit only ‘small group’, says minister
Nick Gibb confirms pupils will be able to contest results based on their mock exams
theguardian | Education | 12 hrs ago
Parents: how are you feeling about A-level results day?
We want to hear from parents and young people on their thoughts and concerns ahead of A-level results day
theguardian | Education | 12 hrs ago
‘It’s a buyer’s market’: universities brace for the biggest clearing day yet
With a predicted lack of international students planning to study in the UK and a demographic dip in 18-year-olds, students should have more options than ever before
theguardian | Education | 15 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Exam results day rituals put on hold
The struggle to balance social distancing with the emotional need to celebrate and commiserate.
bbc | Education | 22 hrs ago
Ministers bid to quell revolt over England A-levels by allowing mock exam results
Gavin Williamson announces that pupils may use mock results if unhappy with grades
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
Could England and Wales follow Scotland's exam grades U-turn?
Differences between the countries’ education and exam systems provide clues
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
Mock exam results to be A-level 'safety net'
A-level results in England will not be lower than mock exams, in a last-minute change by ministers.
bbc | Education | 11th Aug '20
'Over the moon': relief for Scotland students after exam U-turn
Apology from education minister and reinstatement of grades greeted with delight
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
Students want exam results upgrade across UK
National Union of Students says Scotland's exam changes must be applied to A-levels for fairness.
bbc | Education | 11th Aug '20
PHE denies it has evidence older pupils pose Covid infection risk
Reports claimed unpublished study threatened government plans to get children back to school
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
The Guardian view on A-level algorithms: failing the test of fairness | Editorial
Editorial: The decision to link this year’s GCSE and A-level results to past performance entrenches inequalities that those unable to sit exams can do nothing about
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
Over 100,000 Scottish exam grades to be reinstated after row
Results to be restored to those recommended by teachers, John Swinney announces
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
Scotland: mixed feelings about school return following coronavirus closures
Anxiety about distancing and potential second wave balanced with excitement about seeing classmates again
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
Justine Greening hits out at ministers over A-level awards process
Former education secretary describes ‘levelling down in action’ as totally unacceptable
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
'Don't jump the gun': how to make the right choice on clearing day
There’ll be plenty of students in the same boat as you. We’ve gathered expert advice on how to make the right choice
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20
Dan Snow sells History Hit network to Little Dot Studios
Podcast and video business with more than 100,000 subscribers sold to All3Media-owned firm
theguardian | Education | 11th Aug '20