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Universities doing all they can for students | Letter
Letter: Dr Tim Bradshaw says Russell Group universities are working hard to provide a high-quality learning experience
theguardian | Education | 6 hrs ago
Music A-level: exam board says it was wrong to drop only black composer
Edexcel initially defended decision to cut British jazz artist Courtney Pine from course
theguardian | Education | 6 hrs ago
Studying under lockdown: how to look after your mental wellbeing
University counsellors offer their advice for navigating a winter of remote learning
theguardian | Education | 16 hrs ago
Tony Blair son plans big expansion for training firm valued at $200m
Venture capitalists provide $44m for Euan Blair start-up that helps people find apprenticeships
theguardian | Education | 19th Jan '21
Ministers set to halt plans for daily Covid tests in English schools
Exclusive: DfE to pause £78m programme weeks after it was unveiled as ‘milestone moment’
theguardian | Education | 19th Jan '21
Australian universities plan to ramp up in-person learning in early 2021
Expected vaccine rollout fills universities with confidence that student life can be ‘re-energised’ in the first semester
theguardian | Education | 19th Jan '21
Never too late: 'I was one of the oldest ones there, and I also had no hair. But it was wonderful'
After 30-year career in the public service, Allison Barnes enrolled in art school, where she found ‘a different place in the world’
theguardian | Education | 19th Jan '21
What's the science behind closing schools?
As most pupils are at home again for lockdown, a government advisor explains why most schools closed.
bbc | Education | 19th Jan '21
School attendance in England higher than first lockdown
The increase in pupil numbers is driven in part by children without laptops being allowed to go in.
bbc | Education | 19th Jan '21
Schools may re-open region by region, says medical adviser
Top medical adviser suggests schools in England may re-open region by region after lockdown.
bbc | Education | 19th Jan '21
English schools may reopen regionally, medical chief suggests
Jenny Harries says it is likely that there will be ‘regional separation’ after Covid lockdown
theguardian | Education | 19th Jan '21
Oxford research tackles threat of antibiotic resistance
Oxford says the "public cannot get enough of experts" with a £100m donation for antibiotics research.
bbc | Education | 19th Jan '21
Fewer UK children 'school ready' after Covid nursery closures
Record proportion lack basic skills, and disruption is widening gaps between rich and poor
theguardian | Education | 18th Jan '21
Covid-19: Lockdown could 'lose a generation' of young people
A charity fears for children who cannot access online learning during the coronavirus lockdown.
bbc | Education | 18th Jan '21
Extra £40m for students in rent protests in Wales
Hundreds of Wales' university students threatened strikes for paying for empty rooms during Covid.
bbc | Education | 18th Jan '21
The Guardian view on women and Covid: failed by bosses and ministers | Editorial
Editorial: Working parents, and particularly mothers, are in an impossible bind. As minister for women, Liz Truss must take a stand
theguardian | Education | 17th Jan '21
'Digital poverty' could lead to lost generation of university students, vice-chancellors say
Higher education bodies write to Gavin Williamson saying little has been done to help disadvantaged students access remote learning
theguardian | Education | 17th Jan '21
A brutal Covid legacy awaits our children. We need the will and ambition to tackle it | Frank Cottrell Boyce
Only an event such as wartime evacuation can compare to lockdown. Plans for the young need to meet the challenge
theguardian | Education | 17th Jan '21
The Observer view on the food parcels scandal | Observer editorial
The endless fights over child hunger expose the Tories’ contempt for the poor
theguardian | Education | 17th Jan '21
Covid-19: Rise in suspected child abuse cases after lockdown
The number of incidents reported to the child safeguarding panel in England rose by a quarter.
bbc | Education | 16th Jan '21
Parents find all-day Zoom less captivating than they expected | Laura McInerney
Scrambling for devices and dashing naked from the shower: lockdown 2 has created new hurdles for families – and schools
theguardian | Education | 16th Jan '21
'Cruelly cast aside': A-level victims say summer debacle must never happen again
Thousands of 2020 students are still campaigning for justice after losing university offers and apprenticeships when their grades were wrongly reduced
theguardian | Education | 16th Jan '21
Jack Monroe on food poverty and fury: 'I just wake up, look at the news, and get angry'
The cook and campaigner barely slept last week as the row raged over inadequate food parcels for kids. She discusses austerity, cronyism and why she’ll never stop fighting
theguardian | Education | 16th Jan '21
Covid-19: A-level and GCSE results planned for early July
Replacement exam grades are likely to arrive earlier and be decided by teachers and a test.
bbc | Education | 15th Jan '21
Many more in school in N.Ireland than first lockdown
The increase is partly down to special schools remaining open for all pupils, unlike in 2020.
bbc | Education | 15th Jan '21