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Dorset's art deco cinema jewel returns to its 1930s splendour
Picture houses across the country are closing doors, but the Regent in Christchurch is bucking the trend
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
Can California’s top wine region survive the era of megafire?
As the climate crisis brings increasingly unpredictable fire seasons, the future of the $43bn industry is uncertain
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
How a canny Kilmarnock grocer took whisky from the glens to the world
Walker family used latest technology and ruthless advertising to head £5bn market, new book reveals
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
Tenants are facing eviction again, despite the UK government's promises | David Renton
Two of my clients came within days of losing the roof over their heads. The summer ban on evictions must be extended, says housing barrister David Renton
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
In the restaurant where I work, Covid has brought out the worst in customers | Anonymous
Normally I love working with people, but it’s no fun when they blame me for enforcing the rules that help keep us all safe
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
Supermarkets in Wales given discretion over ban on selling non-essential items
Welsh first minister says ban introduced as part of firebreak lockdown will have flexibility
theguardian | Business | 1 hrs ago
Covid-19: Lloyds staff to work from home until spring
Staff currently working from home because of the pandemic will be asked to do so until spring 2021.
bbc | Business | 7 hrs ago
Desperate UK Covid home workers renting solace from nimble-footed firms
Offers of desk space, good wifi and refreshment is helping hotels and others to balance their books
theguardian | Business | 9 hrs ago
Sunak must extend universal credit or be forced into another U-turn
Many low earners are in jobs hit hard by the coronavirus, and help for them feeds straight back into the economy
theguardian | Business | 9 hrs ago
‘I owe £180,000 in tax and I haven’t told my wife’
How tax avoidance left one man struggling with debt and with secrets.
bbc | Business | 11 hrs ago
Why China's dramatic economic recovery might not add up
The country seems to have rebounded, but some analysts believe that at the very least, there is sleight of hand at work
theguardian | Business | 11 hrs ago
British-bred Royal Enfield speeding ahead in Asia
How Royal Enfield motorbikes are planning to expand in Asia, the world's biggest motorbike market.
bbc | Business | 22 hrs ago
Investors fear there'll be no bright post-Covid dawn for oil majors
The industry may have put the lows of summer behind it, but this week will show that previous highs are now unreachable
theguardian | Business | 22 hrs ago
Sunak's £12bn scheme for self-employed was 'terribly targeted', says analysis
Review finds testing flaws meant support went to many workers who lost no income but not to others who had
theguardian | Business | 22 hrs ago
You don't need a search engine to see why Google won't lose this lawsuit | John Naughton
The US Justice Department’s complaint that the tech giant has monopolised the web is too little, too late
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
Jeffrey Katzenberg: why working from home was the death knell for Quibi | Rebecca Nicholson
The short-form streaming platform was aimed at commuters, just as commuting was disappearing from most of our lives
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
Only state investment can revive Britain's zombie economy
Small firms are borrowing big sums to survive. They must be given the option of a debt-for-equity swap with the Treasury
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
Why the row over congestion charge expansion could tear London apart
No 10 and the mayor are at loggerheads over how to fill a hole in the capital’s transport budget. But is it a £2bn game of bluff?
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
The man who taught Uber how to say sorry
Economist John List had a bad ride with Uber and never got an apology, so he showed them the best way to do it.
bbc | Business | 24th Oct '20
Cold comfort: UK outdoor swimming venues stay open to meet demand
The new army of open-water converts have not been deterred by the onset of chillier weather
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
How London's top restaurants are skewering the Covid rules
An exception meant for freelancers sees a roaring lunch trade, and No 10 doesn’t seem too bothered
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
Mortgage for average first-time property in Great Britain needs income of £37,096
Figures covering England, Scotland and Wales show problems of getting on housing ladder
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
Nationwide reduces Flex travel insurance cover for Covid cancellations
Changes by building society will apply to trips booked from 1 January 2021
theguardian | Business | 24th Oct '20
The apps promising to improve your sex life
There are a growing number of apps that promise to help with sexual wellbeing, but are they effective?
bbc | Business | 23rd Oct '20
Bailiffs agree not to carry out evictions in areas under tier 2 or 3 restrictions
Campaigners warn threat of eviction still looms as proceedings are continuing through the courts even if bailiffs will not enforce them for now
independent | Business | 23rd Oct '20