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‘George Eliot’ joins 24 female authors making debuts under their real names
The Reclaim Her Name project, marking 25 years of the Women’s prize for fiction, will introduce titles including Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans
theguardian | Top Stories | 5 hrs ago
Police officers' sex acts in station were gross misconduct, panel finds
Adam Reed and Jemma Dicks ‘undermined public trust’ with sexual liaisons in Cardiff police station
theguardian | World | 5 hrs ago
Norse code: project aims to decipher sound of old languages
Composer Edmund Hunt leads effort to examine sonic footprints of Vikings and Celts
theguardian | Top Stories | 5 hrs ago
'We are so lucky to be alive': family reunited after Beirut blast
Four-year-old Amira is back with her parents – but challenges lie ahead for them and many other families
theguardian | World | 5 hrs ago
Last decade was Earth's hottest on record as climate crisis accelerates
2019 was second or third hottest year ever recorded, with average global temperature up 0.39C in 10 years
theguardian | Top Stories | 5 hrs ago
Who will speak up against the demonisation of migrants? | Owen Jones
The Tories are getting a free pass to scapegoat the most vulnerable, helping them distract from their Covid failures, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones
theguardian | Politics | 5 hrs ago
Facebook and Instagram ban antisemitic conspiracy theories and blackface
Decision comes after criticism of slow reaction to Wiley’s antisemitic posts
theguardian | Top Stories | 5 hrs ago
Princess Diana musical to premiere on Netflix before Broadway debut
In an unprecedented move, postponed musical Diana will be filmed without an audience and shown on Netflix before its new official opening in 2021
theguardian | UK | 6 hrs ago
Care home residents 'losing will to live' amid Covid restrictions in England
Charity says many have been left in ‘hideous limbo’ as family visits and activities remain limited
theguardian | UK | 6 hrs ago
Why Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate – video explainer
The Guardian’s Lauren Gambino explains Harris’s trailblazing background, the ‘hunger for black, female leadership’ and the excitement around the Californian senator’s nomination
theguardian | World | 6 hrs ago
Namibia rejects German compensation offer over colonial violence
Closely watched talks appear to be stalling as reported €10m offer is dismissed
theguardian | World | 6 hrs ago
Teenager guilty of murder of teaching assistant in Accrington
Boy, 17, killed Lindsay Birbeck, 47, after she went for a walk in woods near her home
theguardian | Top Stories | 6 hrs ago
Kamala Harris posts first campaign video after being named vice-presidential pick – live
Deeply personal video details lessons Harris learned from her mother and criticizes Trump: ‘When the people cried out for support, he teargassed them’
theguardian | Top Stories | 7 hrs ago
'This is brilliant': Windermere business booms as Britons holiday in Lake District
Tourists flock to South Lakeland, once ‘furlough capital of the UK’
theguardian | Business | 7 hrs ago
Liz Truss’s post-Brexit stilton deal with Japan will not ‘make Britain grate again’ | Rick Burin
There’s nothing wrong with being proud of our national dishes, but focusing on cheese makes us look ridiculous, says writer Rick Burin
theguardian | Politics | 7 hrs ago
Play about Christopher Alder's death to be turned into film
Ryan Calais Cameron hopes film about black man dying in police custody will ignite conversation about racism
theguardian | Top Stories | 7 hrs ago
Charity Commission asked to intervene in C of E abuse inquiries
Clergy and abuse survivors sign letter highlighting problems in handling complaints
theguardian | Top Stories | 7 hrs ago
Boris Johnson poised to stop UK funding overseas fossil fuel projects
New policy will rule out future loans and guarantees made through UK Export Finance
theguardian | Top Stories | 7 hrs ago
Stonehaven: serious injuries reported after train derails in Aberdeenshire – video
Emergency services have been called to a major train derailment near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, where smoke could be seen billowing from the track amid reports of an engine fire and serious injuries
theguardian | World | 7 hrs ago
A taste of honey: how bees mend fences between farmers and elephants
A pioneering method from Africa that protect farms from forest herds is now paying off in India, with more profit and less conflict
theguardian | World | 7 hrs ago
Decision on A-level and GCSE appeals a ‘rolling disaster’, say teachers
School leaders say plan to allow pupils in England to use mock results fails to address issues
theguardian | Top Stories | 7 hrs ago
'It's 1937 again': Wire creator David Simon embroiled in row over Spanish fascism
Screenwriter caught in Twitter spat after party leader praises his series The Plot Against America
theguardian | World | 7 hrs ago
Dwayne Johnson tops Forbes list of world's highest-paid male actors
Netflix now accounts for quarter of all actors’ earnings as the Rock takes home biggest pay packet for second year running
theguardian | Top Stories | 8 hrs ago
I know how soul-crushing the A-level fiasco will be for disadvantaged pupils | Nadia Khomami
Ditching predicted grades once and for all is essential to give more of us a fighting chance, says Guardian assistant news editor Nadia Khomami
theguardian | Politics | 8 hrs ago
School exams and Covid: what could the UK have learned from EU?
Amid the coronavirus crisis, most countries avoided the rows and recriminations experienced in Britain
theguardian | World | 8 hrs ago
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