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Michael Bloomberg donates £1m to fund online UK summer schools
Money will help disadvantaged pupils eligible for Sutton Trust programmes cancelled due to Covid-19
theguardian | Education | 3 mins ago
'Fear will always be there': Covid-free island prepares to bring home stranded citizens
Pacific island of Palau tries to balance the rights of citizens to return, with protecting a country that is entirely free of coronavirus
theguardian | World | 3 mins ago
Coronavirus will haunt US economy for a decade and wipe out $8tn, says CBO
Unemployment is soaring to levels unseen since the 1930s Great Depression as Congress debates another $3tn aid package
theguardian | Top Stories | 3 mins ago
Risk of infection could double if 2-metre rule reduced, study finds
Comprehensive study supports government’s current physical distancing guidance
theguardian | Top Stories | 33 mins ago
WHO warns overuse of antibiotics for Covid-19 will cause more deaths
Director general says “worrying number” of bacteria are becoming resistant to medicines
theguardian | Top Stories | 1 hrs ago
Plan to cap numbers at UK universities to go ahead
DfE in England rejects opposition from devolved administrations
theguardian | Education | 2 hrs ago
Critics round on No 10 over 'ridiculous' rules for 14-day quarantine
Exclusive: draft plans reveal how enforcement for new arrivals into UK will be limited
theguardian | Top Stories | 2 hrs ago
US activist sues former Egyptian prime minister over arrest and torture
Hazem Abdel Aziz El Beblawi sued in Washington as Mohamed Soltan alleges he was targeted for assassination
theguardian | World | 3 hrs ago
Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn
Analysis shows 500 species are on the brink of extinction, the same as were lost over the entire last century
theguardian | World | 3 hrs ago
Tom Watson peerage rejected by Lords vetting commission - reports
Former Labour deputy leader had been put forward for peerage by Jeremy Corbyn
theguardian | Politics | 3 hrs ago
Martin Rowson on the return of horse racing and parliament — cartoon
Senior MPs have warned that many elderly members of parliament and those with health conditions will be “disenfranchised” and put at risk of contracting Covid-19 if they are forced back to the House of Commons for debates and votes this wee ...
theguardian | Politics | 3 hrs ago
Donald Trump offers to invite Vladimir Putin to expanded G7 summit
US president initiated call with Russian leader, according to Kremlin account, where they discussed pandemic, oil and space
theguardian | World | 3 hrs ago
Corbyn questions impartiality of body conducting antisemitism inquiry
Ex-Labour leader says Equality and Human Rights Commission is ‘part of government machine’
theguardian | UK | 3 hrs ago
Man arrested on suspicion of double murder in Salisbury
Wiltshire police question man in his 30s after death of two women in Lavistock area
theguardian | UK | 3 hrs ago
Drop plan to reopen English primary schools to all pupils, heads urge
Government warned that schools are at maximum capacity for physical distancing
theguardian | Top Stories | 3 hrs ago
Coronavirus closes prep school attended by Boris Johnson
Ashdown House saw pupil numbers drop as family incomes and overseas interest fell
theguardian | Education | 4 hrs ago
UK contact tracers not fully occupied, says coronavirus testing chief
Prof John Newton says system working well despite some recruits having nothing to do
theguardian | UK | 4 hrs ago
The Guardian view on nurseries: a case of neglect | Editorial
Editorial: The low status of early years education harms women as well as children
theguardian | Politics | 4 hrs ago
'It's a massive event': a Nottingham family reunion in lockdown
First time in 10 weeks many have been able to meet children and grandchildren
theguardian | Top Stories | 5 hrs ago
Easing Covid-19 shielding in England 'risks second wave'
Operators warn new guidance for vulnerable people could bring virus back into care homes
theguardian | Top Stories | 5 hrs ago
UK manufacturing shows hint of recovery after coronavirus
IHS Markit says worst of downturn is probably over after fall in factory output slows
theguardian | Business | 5 hrs ago
Rees-Mogg's plans for MPs to vote in person branded 'beyond a farce'
Critics say ending virtual voting will discriminate against shielders and threaten lives
theguardian | UK | 5 hrs ago
Watership Down author's estate wins back all rights to classic novel
In a case at London’s high court, Richard Adams’ estate won a longstanding claim against Martin Rosen, director of the 1978 animation
theguardian | UK | 5 hrs ago
'Far too soon' to ease lockdown in north-east England, leaders warn
Residents in north-east urged to disregard ‘reckless’ relaxation of coronavirus measures
theguardian | UK | 6 hrs ago
Cutting stock market hours may 'boost gender diversity'
A public consultation by the LSE has found shorter days could help finance industry recruit more women
theguardian | Business | 6 hrs ago