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Kanye West Recently Met With Jared Kushner – Deadline
Kanye West met with President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner last weekend, The New York Times reported, and it raises further questions of whether West’s efforts to get on stat…
reddit | Entertainment | 5 hrs ago
UK Government blows off MSPs 36 minutes before power grab meeting starts
THE UK Government has finally confirmed it will not attend a Holyrood evidence-taking session on its post-Brexit power grab plan … just half an…
reddit | Politics | 5 hrs ago
70% of Surveyed Americans Say: We Can’t Do Our Jobs Without a Home Internet Connection
We asked 950 currently employed Americans whether or not their jobs required a home internet connection. Here's what we found: Quick Facts Most currently employed Americans (over 71.5%) say they could not perform their jobs without a home internet c ...
reddit | Technology | 5 hrs ago
Students at Penn State forced to sign COVID-19 liability waiver to participate in fall semester
Other universities across the country have required similar waivers, but students and legal experts say Penn State’s crosses the line.
reddit | World | 5 hrs ago
Millions of Android phones are vulnerable to a Snapdragon security flaw
Fixes are on the way, but it could affect a large portion of the Android community.
reddit | Technology | 5 hrs ago
Three confirmed dead and six injured after ScotRail train derails south of Stonehaven
Three people have died and six others rushed to hospital after a train derailed near Stonehaven.
reddit | UK | 5 hrs ago
Snickers rebranded as Marathon bars again 30 years after name change
The name was changed in 1990 to bring the UK into line with the rest of the world
reddit | UK | 6 hrs ago
Uber CEO says its service will probably shut down temporarily in California if it's forced to classify drivers as employees
If the appeal doesn't work out for Uber, it will be banking on voters to determine its fate in voting on on Proposition 22 in November.
reddit | Technology | 6 hrs ago
Marion County, FL Sheriff forbids employees and general public from wearing masks
Sheriff Billy Woods forbids his employees and those visiting his offices to wear masks in most circumstances as Ocala wrestles with mask mandate.
reddit | World | 6 hrs ago
Scientists Turn Normal Red Bricks into Electricity-Storing Supercapacitors
“We have created a new brick that can be incorporated into your house that has the functionality of storing electrical energy.”
reddit | Technology | 6 hrs ago
Instagram could face up up to $500 billion in fines in class-action lawsuit alleging it illegally harvested biometric data
Last month, Facebook offered $650 million to settle a similar lawsuit claiming it collected biometric data without users' consent.
reddit | Technology | 6 hrs ago
Stein Mart files for bankruptcy and will close most of its 300 stores
Discount retailer Stein Mart has filed for bankruptcy and plans to close most of its nearly 300 stores.
reddit | World | 6 hrs ago
Teen attacked by customers for trying to enforce Covid rules at restaurant
A 17-year-old hostess at the Chili’s on Constitution Avenue was reportedly attacked by a group of more than 11 women after she told them they could not all sit together, per the restaurant’s COVID-19 social distancing policies.
reddit | World | 6 hrs ago
Netflix Lands ‘Fear Street’ Movie Trilogy Based On R.L. Stine Books
EXCLUSIVE: And here we thought this was the summer of fear. Turns out, it’s a year away. Sources tell Deadline that Netflix just closed a deal with Disney to acquire a trilogy of interconnect…
reddit | Entertainment | 6 hrs ago
Minority successfully pushing back against green recovery, shows YouGov poll
New research by YouGov is illustrating the strength of the motoring lobby against a green recovery and more infrastructure to encourage active travel.
reddit | Politics | 6 hrs ago
US consumer prices rose 0.6% in July, matching June uptick
WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. consumer prices jumped 0.6% in July as gasoline prices continued to rise. The Labor Department reported Wednesday that the increase last month in its consumer price...
reddit | World | 6 hrs ago
Sumner Redstone, Towering Media Mogul Who Helped Shape Modern Entertainment Industry, Dies at 97
Sumner Redstone, a towering figure in media who built his father’s drive-in theater business into an empire that included Viacom, Paramount Pictures and CBS Corp., only to see his legacy tarnished …
reddit | Entertainment | 6 hrs ago
Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn says death threats made her tone down her on-screen personality
Christine Quinn has disclosed that she recieved death threats and faced bullying for her on-screen "villain" portrayal in the reality show.
reddit | Entertainment | 7 hrs ago
New internet performance data shows urban speeds improving while rural speeds plateau
Latest Internet Performance Test data from CIRA shows that a significant digital divide persists in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.
reddit | Technology | 7 hrs ago
Instagram Accused of Illegally Harvesting Biometric Data
Facebook, owner of Instagram, is facing a lawsuit over allegedly harvesting the biometric data of users, according to Bloomberg. Last...
reddit | Technology | 7 hrs ago
Spurs charged council £33,000 to use stadium as a food bank
The London Economic | Daniel Levy raked in £7 million this year - making him the highest-paid executive in the Premier League | News
reddit | UK | 7 hrs ago
Sumner Redstone, billionaire media tycoon, dead at age 97
Redstone built his family's drive-in theater chain into a multibillion-dollar media and entertainment empire that included CBS and Viacom.
reddit | World | 7 hrs ago
The dangerous legacy of the Cummings affair
When I began several weeks ago to quiz scientists about Dominic Cummings’ Durham trip for my Radio 4 programme on how science and policy have interacted during the Covid-19 pandemic, I felt I might be raking over the ashes. Had we finally moved on, ...
reddit | Politics | 7 hrs ago
Foxconn Says China's 'Days as the World's Factory Are Done'
The ongoing trade war with the US has forced the iPhone maker to shift more of its manufacturing out of China.
reddit | Technology | 7 hrs ago
Three Texas soldiers arrested in child prostitution sting near Fort Hood
Spc. Anthony Xavier Antwon, 25, and Pfc. Timmy Jones Jr., 30, received a felony charge of prostitution under the age of 18. Staff Sgt. Pierre Jean, 32, received a Class A misdemeanor charge for prostitution.
reddit | World | 7 hrs ago
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