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BBC hits back at Scottish Tory leader for complaining that it still airs Nicola Sturgeon press conferences
The BBC has hit back at calls from the leader of the Scottish Tories after he suggested the broadcaster should stop airing daily press conferences from Nicola Sturgeon.
reddit | UK | 2 hrs ago
TikTok may be 'data collection service disguised as social media', Liberal senator says | Technology
Jim Molan’s warning to Australian users comes after Nationals MP said app ‘used and abused’ by China’s Communist party
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
Jonathan Sackler, co-owner of Purdue Pharma, dies
STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — Jonathan Sackler, one of the owners of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, has died, the company confirmed.
reddit | World | 2 hrs ago
David France had to make ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ in secret. He digitally swapped out his subjects’ faces
The new documentary “Welcome to Chechnya” available on HBO and HBO Max, looks at the dangers for LGBTQ people in Russia’s Chechen Republic.
reddit | Entertainment | 2 hrs ago
China hints at trade boycott if UK ditches Huawei from 5G
Trade between the UK and China could be at risk if the government pulls the plug on Huawei’s involvement in the 5G network, China’s ambassador has warned.Liu Xiaoming said ejecting Huawei would send a
reddit | UK | 2 hrs ago
Reddit promises to stop accessing user clipboards after being exposed by iOS 14
iOS 14 is only in developer beta, but it’s already exposing just how often some applications are checking users’ clipboards. The latest app to be scrutinized for this practice is Reddit, but the company says a forthcoming update will remove the c ...
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
Hypercoagulation is a major factor in the development of severe illness in COVID-19 infection.
In late December 2019 an outbreak of a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causing severe pneumonia (COVID-19) was reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. A common finding in most COVID-19 patients is high D-dimer levels which are associated with a wor ...
reddit | Science | 2 hrs ago
Half of Nevada’s businesses failed to follow rules on masks, state investigators say
Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak is threatening swift, decisive action against rule-flouters. Casinos are cracking down internally, warning employees will be fired for failing to follow regulations.
reddit | World | 2 hrs ago
At least 6 children were killed by gun violence across the nation this holiday weekend
At least six children were killed by gun violence over the holiday weekend, sparking calls from officials in three cities to end the shootings.
reddit | World | 3 hrs ago
Fossils reveal dinosaur forerunner smaller than a cellphone
Meet Kongonaphon kely, a pocket sized dinosaur forerunner that was smaller than your cellphone. The creature, which predated dinosaurs and flying pterosaurs, was just shy of 4 inches (10...
reddit | Science | 3 hrs ago
Work on Irish sea border planning halted amid calls for clarity
The Northern Ireland protocol is like a ship drifting slowly & silently onto the rocks while the passengers & crew are engaged in a weird meta-physical debate among themselves about what the vessel actually means in reality
reddit | Politics | 3 hrs ago
Nintendo condemns alleged abuse in Smash Bros community
The Super Smash Bros maker condemns 'absolutely impermissible' behaviour in its competitive scene.
reddit | Entertainment | 3 hrs ago
Direct Phosphorylation of Psilocin Enables Optimized cGMP Kilogram-Scale Manufacture of Psilocybin
Die psychedelische Psychotherapie ist auf dem Weg in die offiziell anerkannte Medizin. Laut Prognosen der Forschungsorganisation MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) könnte es in nur drei bis vier Jahren zur Zulassung von Psi ...
reddit | Science | 3 hrs ago
Paleontologists uncovered a 237-million-year-old skeleton of a tiny reptile in the group Ornithodira, the last common ancestor of dinosaurs and pterosaurs. The species suggests a miniaturization event across in group's evolutionary lineage.
In Madagascar, researchers discovered a previously unknown species of ancient reptile named Kongonaphon kely. It was just four inches tall.
reddit | Science | 3 hrs ago
Amy Cooper Faces Charges After Calling Police on Black Bird Watcher
Ms. Cooper was captured on video calling the police after Christian Cooper asked her to keep her dog on a leash in Central Park.
reddit | World | 3 hrs ago
Kaepernick, Disney announce partnership deal
Colin Kaepernick will be featured in an exclusive docuseries produced by ESPN Films as part of a first-look deal with The Walt Disney Co. The deal between Kaepernick's production arm, Ra Vision Media, and Disney was announced Monday.
reddit | World | 3 hrs ago
Boris Johnson's mistrust of local government makes eliminating coronavirus much harder
The PM opting to fight the virus from Downing Street has hampered the response to the UK's first localised lockdown in Leicester
reddit | Politics | 3 hrs ago
Nonverbal displays of love may be particularly important for avoidantly attached individuals, study finds
People who try to downplay the importance of close relationships and suppress their emotions are more sensitive to nonverbal signals of love, according to ...
reddit | Science | 3 hrs ago
No new COVID-19 deaths in Yorkshire for the first time since March
Breaking news, sport, weather and travel updates from across North, West, East and South Yorkshire.
reddit | UK | 3 hrs ago
Hackers Are Exploiting a 5-Alarm Bug in Networking Equipment
For companies that haven't patched their BIG-IP products, it may already be too late.
reddit | Technology | 3 hrs ago
YouTube’s Power of the Purse
YouTube shows that some constructions of digital spaces can help combat online nastiness.
reddit | Technology | 4 hrs ago
Boris Johnson sparks anger by blaming care home providers for coronavirus deaths
The Prime Minister claimed "too many care homes didn't really follow the procedures" - despite the government repeatedly being told they were too slow to act and didn't provide enough PPE
reddit | Politics | 4 hrs ago
Toxic metallic air pollution nanoparticles are getting inside the crucial, energy-producing structures within the hearts of people living in polluted cities, causing cardiac stress. The study underlines the need for governments across the world to tackle ultrafine particulate pollution
Toxic metallic air pollution nanoparticles are getting inside the crucial, energy-producing structures within the hearts of people living in polluted cities, causing cardiac stress -- a new study confirms.
reddit | Science | 4 hrs ago
Momentum’s new leadership is wrong to attack Labour councils
Left-wing Labour organisation Momentum ushered in a new dawn this weekend, with Gaya Sriskanthan and Andrew Scattergood succeeding Jon Lansman as the new leadership of…
reddit | Politics | 4 hrs ago
Higher unemployment insurance generosity "increases health insurance coverage and utilization, with stronger effects during periods of high unemployment rates. During such periods, higher UI generosity also leads to improved self-reported health."
MIT Press Journals is a mission-driven, not-for-profit scholarly publisher devoted to the widest dissemination of its content.
reddit | Science | 4 hrs ago
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