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Live updates as fire engulfs Swansea University's Bay Campus
Flames can be seen leaping from a building and there is thick black smoke pouring out
reddit | UK | 7 mins ago
US budget deficit climbs to record $2.81 trillion
SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) — The U.S. budget deficit climbed to $2.81 trillion in the first 10 months of the budget year, exceeding any on record, the Treasury Department said Wednesday. The...
reddit | World | 10 mins ago
Social media manipulation and misinformation is more rampant than ever. Reddit mod Robert Peck explains how scammer/propaganda/bot accounts operate and how to spot them.
Banishing zombies and tracking down Russia propaganda—on the front lines with the social site’s volunteer army.
reddit | Technology | 16 mins ago
Group accused of attacking Chili's hostess over coronavirus dining rules, BRPD says
Police are investigating a recent incident at a Baton Rouge Chili's restaurant in which a group of people allegedly attacked the restaurant's teenage hostess because their party was too big
reddit | World | 17 mins ago
Stephen F. Williams, longtime federal appeals judge in D.C., dies of coronavirus at 83
Williams was known for expertise in economics law and down-to-earth manner.
reddit | World | 32 mins ago
Smash Mouth singer mocks coronavirus pandemic at packed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally concert
Videos and photos on social media showed many in the crowd flouting social distancing guidelines and not wearing masks.
reddit | Entertainment | 36 mins ago
A new earthquake warning system comes to California, powered by Google
Android phones will be used to sense earthquakes around the world and may one day be able to provide global warnings.
reddit | Technology | 56 mins ago
1 of 2 girls convicted in Slender Man stabbing loses appeal
One of two Wisconsin girls who repeatedly stabbed a classmate because she believed a fictional horror character named Slender Man would attack her family if she didn’t kill the girl has lost an appeal
reddit | World | 59 mins ago
Boris Johnson just lost £1trillion, so let's blame the Channel migrants and pick a fight with some ice cream
The worst recession in history and the government is sending out the prat-signal. We are all Ben & Jerry's now, says Fleet Street Fox
reddit | UK | 1 hrs ago
Cardi B launches OnlyFans account for 'behind the scenes content' and more
Cardi B has joined the online subscription service OnlyFans to share exclusive behind-the-scenes 'WAP' content.
reddit | Entertainment | 1 hrs ago
Idaho Lawmaker: "Listening To Experts Is An Elitist Approach" To Coronavirus Restrictions
A group of Idaho lawmakers is pushing a bill that would strip the power of public health districts to close schools during an emergency or mandate masks to
reddit | World | 1 hrs ago
TikTok found to have tracked Android users’ MAC addresses until late last year
Until late last year social video app TikTok was using an extra layer of encryption to conceal a tactic for tracking Android users via the MAC address of their device, which skirted Google’s policies and did not allow users to opt out, The Wall Str ...
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
reVoLTR attack can decrypt 4G LTE calls to eavesdrop on conversations
Academics detail a new attack on 4G encrypted calls. Attack works only when the attacker is on the same base station (mobile tower) as the victim.
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
DHS investigating after Tennessee trooper accused of ripping mask off civilian's face
A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper is being investigated after a video appears to show him ripping the mask off a civilian at the Capitol.
reddit | World | 1 hrs ago
The home-educated students being left with no grade after exams cancelled
This means their next step of education is delayed, or impossible, and they will miss out on the places they have for courses or colleges
reddit | UK | 1 hrs ago
UK court says face recognition violates human rights
LONDON (AP) — The use of facial recognition technology by British police has violated human rights and data protection laws, a court said Tuesday, in a decision praised as a victory against...
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Military helicopter shot at over Virginia, injuring a crew member
A US Air Force helicopter was shot at near Manassas, Virginia, on Monday injuring one of two pilots on board, according to an Air Force official.
reddit | World | 1 hrs ago
After Years of “Silencing, Repression, and Retaliation” at This Software Company, Workers Decided to Organize
At Epic Systems, a Wisconsin-based software company, workers had complaints that will be familiar to many workers across the United States: an oppressive culture of surveillance and control, executives pushing to end their pandemic-induced working f ...
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Calls for Pontins in Camber to close after guest finds "faeces" in bathroom
There are calls for the Pontins holiday park in Camber in East Sussex to be shut down after several families shared their experiences of the "disgusting" conditions. One guest found the bathroom flooded with "faeces".
reddit | UK | 1 hrs ago
The Junk Science Cops Use to Decide You’re Lying
Leaked documents detail law enforcement trainings in lie detection techniques that have been discredited by scientists.
reddit | Technology | 1 hrs ago
Prosecutors can force defendants to give up cellphone passcodes, NJ Supreme Court rules
The court narrowly sided with prosecutors seeking to force a former Essex County sheriff's officer to grant access to his phone's data.
reddit | Technology | 2 hrs ago
UK Royal Air Force sends plane to help monitor migrant crossings
Britain's Royal Air Force has sent a maritime patrol aircraft to help support border control operations in the English Channel after an increase in migrants seeking to cross from France.
reddit | UK | 2 hrs ago
Cross-Channel migrants flown back to France and Germany
Migrants who made dangerous crossings from northern France to come to Britain were removed today in the first of what ministers hope will become a regular practice for those who have arrived in recent
reddit | Politics | 2 hrs ago
Coronavirus: UK death toll falls by 5,377 as government changes way fatalities are counted in England
England will join the rest of the UK and disregard a COVID-19 diagnosis if the death occurs 28 days after the test.
reddit | Politics | 2 hrs ago
Kansas Teachers Could Owe Their Schools Thousands if They Quit over Coronavirus Concerns
Contracts for many teachers say they'll have to pay their school districts if they quit over coronavirus concerns.
reddit | World | 2 hrs ago