"Ceasefire weekends" where activists urge community members to stop shooting associated with 52% gun violence reduction in Baltimore. (Jan 2012-July 2019)
American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) from the American Public Health Association (APHA)
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Twitter tests labeling 'harmfully misleading' tweets by politicians
A leaked demo shows bright orange labels beneath the tweets.
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3 charged after 11-year-old gives birth in Missouri bathtub
ST. CHARLES, Mo. (AP) — Three relatives of an 11-year-old girl who gave birth in the bathtub of her suburban St. Louis home are facing criminal charges. An adult female and adult male are...
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Bumblebees recognize objects through sight and touch, a complex cognitive feat. Bumblebee - with a brain with fewer than one million neurons - can create mental images of objects using information from multiple senses and form sophisticated mental representations of their surrounding world.
Demonstrating an unprecedented degree of cognitive complexity in an insect, researchers report that bumblebees are capable of recognizing objects across senses.
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Tesla Model Y returns a stellar range rating - The electric SUV is also the most efficient vehicle in its class with a 121-mpge rating.
The electric SUV is also the most efficient vehicle in its class with a 121-mpge rating.
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Social care is crumbling, and Johnson’s immigration plans will only make it worse
Without cheap labour from overseas, wages will have to steeply increase if the prime minister wants to ‘fix’ the system, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee
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Britain First leader charged under the Terrorism Act
Paul Golding is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on February 27.
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‘Generation Left’
If you’re over the age of 50, the odds are that you’re happy with how it’s all worked out. If you’re under the...
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Bank backs off program monitoring workers' bathroom breaks
LONDON (AP) — London-based bank Barclays backed away Thursday from a software program that monitored an employee's productivity - including bathroom breaks - after privacy campaigners described it...
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Synthetic genomes can self-replicate and express proteins under cell-free conditions
A main objective of synthetic biology is the creation of chemical systems capable of replication and evolution. Here, the authors demonstrate combined self-replication and expression of multipartite genomes in vitro.
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Florida Republican Party Facebook Pages Managed From Turkmenistan
Florida’s official Republican Party Facebook page, along with nine other Florida Republican county Facebook pages, have a page manager located in Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia with no public affiliation to Florida Republicans or political ...
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Texas plans to close 2 state prisons amid population decline
DALLAS (AP) — Texas will close two of its more than 100 state prisons amid a yearslong decline in the incarcerated population and serious understaffing at some facilities, officials said...
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The Govt is out in force pushing their immigration changes and using the oxford economics report to justify this due to cost. The data (image below) in the report shows that the average EU person was plus £2,300 each year. Completely disingenuous to select parts of a report to stoke division
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At Chios Airport in Greece, the maximum take-off weight of an Airbus A320 has reduced by 3,990 kg over the past three decades because of climate change. Climate change means longer take-offs and fewer passengers per aeroplane, finds new study.
Weaker winds and higher temperatures are making airlines less efficient.
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Google sued by New Mexico attorney general for allegedly collecting location data, contact lists from students.
The state's attorney general says Google gathered the personal information from Chromebooks the company provided for free.
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FCC says 'one or more' wireless carriers have illegally disclosed location data
At least one wireless carrier in the United States has violated federal law by disclosing users' real-time location data to third parties without permission, according to the Federal Communications Commission.
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Twitter is testing a system that lets users label false or misleading tweets by politicians, taking a cue from sites like Wikipedia and Reddit.
Twitter's testing a feature that would display bright bubbles below content flagged as misleading by users and weight votes based on a points system.
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Altoona, WI School Superintendent charged with sex trafficking a minor and production of child pornography
Altoona Superintendent Daniel Peggs appeared in court Thursday and pleaded not guilty to violation of sex trafficking of a minor under 18 and over 14 as well as production of child pornography with the same victim.
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Facebook exec in 2016 warned taking down misinformation would 'disproportionately affect conservatives': report
A Facebook executive in 2016 warned the company that taking down all instances of political misinformation would unfairly target conservative users of the social network,
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Jeremy Corbyn visits Pontypridd to meet Storm Dennis flooding victims
Jeremy Corbyn visited Rhydyfelin in Pontypridd this afternoon to meet residents affected by the flooding caused by Storm Dennis. The Labour leader spoke with one woman on her doorstep who described hearing a loud bang "like an explosion" d ...
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LEAK: European Commission outlines plan to create single EU data space by 2030
The EU wants to create by the end of the decade a genuine single market for data that corresponds to its economic power, prioritising nine "strategic sectors" including health, climate, agriculture and energy, and dedicating up to €6 bill ...
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Stormzy receives first Greggs ‘black card’ handing him free pastries for life
Award-winning rapper says he has ‘peaked’ after bakery chain promises unlimited supply
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Scientists used a genetic data analysis tool (Legofit) to find evidence of “super-archaics.” It's argued that these ancient humans were the first to live in Eurasia, and mated with the ancestors of Neanderthals and Denisovans
Meet the first inhabitants of Eurasia.
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Female inmate falls through ceiling during attempted escape from Ohio jail (video)
A woman’s attempt to escape from jail ended in embarrassing fashion when she feel through the facility’s ceiling.
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Tesla Model 3 makes Consumer Reports ‘Top Picks’ list for 2020
Tesla’s Model 3 is among the top 10 choices for car buyers in 2020, according to Consumer Reports. The nonprofit organization released its “Top Picks” of the year on Thursday, and it included Tesla’s most affordable vehicle alongside cars fro ...
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