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Coronavirus: One-day-old baby dies of Covid-19 complications in Louisiana, coroner says
independent | World | 7 mins ago
Dominic Raab to take over prime minister duties after Boris Johnson admitted to intensive care with coronavirus
Foreign secretary will ‘deputise where necessary’, Downing Street says
independent | UK | 7 mins ago
Coronavirus: Republican governor panned by local leaders for order to re-open beaches
Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp on Monday defended his order to re-open the state's beaches after a weekend of criticism, arguing beach-goers still must comply with social distancing
independent | World | 15 mins ago
US labels white supremacist group as terrorist organisation for first time
Any Americans engaging with the Russian Imperial Movement could now face sanctions
independent | World | 17 mins ago
Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after coronavirus symptoms worsen, Downing Street confirms
independent | UK | 47 mins ago
Coronavirus: How 'viral load' and genetics could explain why young people have died from Covid-19
Scientists are racing to build database of DNA research to find any genetic reasons people may be more or less susceptible to deadly virus
independent | Science | 57 mins ago
Staff rush to rescue animals as fire tears through pet store and garden centre
‘I can’t praise them enough, they acted on instinct and undoubtedly their actions saved the lives of these animals,’ owner says
independent | UK | 1 hrs ago
35 million Americans could be left without health insurance as former Fed chair warns 'depression levels' of unemployment
Layoffs and mass unemployment following coronavirus pandemic could spike uninsured rate not seen in decade
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
'This is a very new world': Activists forced to adapt as coronavirus brings an end to protests
The past decade of American politics had seen a vast new wave of protests, mass organising and direct action. Then came Covid-19
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
Wisconsin governor delays primary election in major u-turn, setting stage for lawsuits and Republican blowback
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
Coronavirus: CDC begins retroactive testing to detect undiagnosed Covid-19 cases
Agency to carry out testing on residents who remained un-symptomatic in Covid-19 hotspots
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
Man shot dead while streaming hide and seek 'game night' on Facebook Live
Attackers seen climbing over fence during video, report says
independent | World | 1 hrs ago
Mumbai races to keep coronavirus from Asia's most crowded slum
Trying to trace and contain outbreaks in settlements such as Dharavi is critical in India’s fight against the deadly coronavirus
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
'She told her mother she had permission to die': Nurse arranges video-chat for daughter and mother to say goodbye
Family praises medical staff for ensuring mother did not ‘die alone’
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
'I'm a social scientist': Trump's trade adviser claims he's qualified to refute Anthony Fauci's coronavirus advice
Peter Navarro reportedly spars with top White House health official over controversial drug that president claims can successfully treat Covid-19 patients
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
'Light at end of tunnel': Glimmers of hope as coronavirus outbreak slows in pockets of Europe
Worst-hit countries report fall in daily death rates as less-affected states consider easing containment restrictions in weeks ahead
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Kudlow claims White House is 'guided by the facts' as Trump gambles on unproven drug
'I'd bet on President Trump's intuition on this one,' says a White House trade adviser in shot at other coronavirus task force members
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Trump administration's own report shows hospitals given expired safety gear and running out of thermometers
Hospital says it received 2,300 masks from state strategic reserve which were unusable because elastic bands had dry-rotted
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
'Neo-Nazi' boy, 16, in court accused of encouraging terror attacks
Teenager charged with 11 offences including inviting support for terrorist group National Action
independent | UK | 2 hrs ago
Trump news - live: White House following president's 'intuition' on coronavirus as US death toll tops 10,000
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independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Boris Johnson has not spoken to deputy since before being admitted to hospital
Dominic Raab says he last spoke to PM on Saturday
independent | UK | 2 hrs ago
Trump should be tried for 'crimes against humanity' over coronavirus response, lawmaker says
Despite warnings, president told Americans he might take anti-malarial drug still unproven to treat coronavirus
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Coronavirus: First federal inmate dead of coronavirus wrote letter pleading for release to see his young son
Patrick Jones, a non-violent offender, had already served 13 years of a 27-year sentence
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Eye pain could be a symptom, data scientist suggests
‘Doctors and public health officials should probably look closely at the relationship between Covid-19 and eye pain’
independent | World | 2 hrs ago
Coronavirus: Police investigate coughing 'hate crime' against blind woman
Victim left ‘anxious and shocked’ after incident while walking in Wiltshire
independent | UK | 3 hrs ago